Karp Associates, Inc. - DSB-214SM - Surface Mounted Access Door for All Surfaces

DSB-214SM - Surface Mounted Access Door for All Surfaces

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DSB-214SM - Surface Mounted Access Door for All Surfaces

The DSB-214SM is a surface mounted door that does not require framing, bracing or notching and cutting of inner wall obstructions. Single piece construction of the frame prevents unit from racking and allows door to sit perfectly within frame and to open to 175 degrees.

Product Options for DSB-214SM

Locks and Latching

The Spanner Head is an economical tamper-proof latching solution.

The Allen Head Security Latch is an economical, tamper-resistant latching mechanism that discourages theft, vandalism and unauthorized entry because it cannot be opened without an Allen wrench.

The Knob Turn Latch is finger operated, and is beneficial when tools are not available or desirable for opening and closing the access door.

This flush mounted, keyless Paddle Latch has a finger pull that facilitiates opening.

The T-Handle Latch with 90° turn is available with or without a keyed-alike cylinder lock.

This economical cylinder locking device provides keyed access from the outside of the door.


Type 304 stainless steel is well-suited for exterior weathering locations or interior hygienic locations such as hospitals and health care, pharmaceutical plants, research laboratories and food processing facilities. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant, durable and requires very little maintenance. Karp's stainless steel access doors have a No. 4 satin finish, which is a general purpose bright finish with a visible "grain" which prevents mirror reflection.

Aluminum is ideal for any installations or evironments that require a strong, lightweight and rust-resistant access door.


Plexiglass vision panel provides durable, long-lasting and convenient viewing access to wall or ceiling contents.

Karp can integrate louvers into its door design to satisfy any architectural and ventilation requirements.

Removeable doors allow for unobstructed access to wall or ceiling contents.

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Standard Sizes for DSB-214SM
Door SizeH × W (in.) Door SizeH × W (mm) No. of StudCatches/Latches Shipping Wt.(lbs.) Shipping Wt.(kg.)
8 × 8 203 × 203 1 1.8 0.8
12 × 12 305 × 305 1 4.2 1.9
16 × 16 406 × 406 2 7 3.2
24 × 24 610 × 610 4 13.7 6.2
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