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Unmatched focus on energy conservation, cost savings, and refigeration efficiency

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Frick Industrial Refrigeration
100 Cumberland Valley Ave.
Waynesboro, PA 17266
Tel: (717) 765-2418
Fax: (717) 762-1305

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Frick® Custom Refrigeration Control Systems

Unmatched focus on energy conservation, cost savings, and refigeration efficiency

For user-friendly operating systems based on decades of cooling engineering experience, our Frick® Engineered Refrigeration Control Systems are as safe, reliable, and efficient as industrial refrigeration controls can get. These custom control systems are 24-hour virtual refrigeration operators that feature an unmatched focus in temperature control, energy conservation and cost savings.

At Johnson Controls, we design each Frick® Engineered Control System specifically as a monitoring solution for your application. We guarantee your next refrigeration control system will come with the most up-to-date, energy efficient strategies.

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  • Floating Discharge Pressure (Wet-Bulb) Control - increases compressor capacity while reducing compressor horsepower

  • Load Shedding - strategically reduces power consumption during peak rate periods

  • Variable Speed Control - Screw Compressors, Evaporative Condenser and Evaporator Fans

  • Compressor Sequencing - minimizes on-line horsepower

  • Proportional/Integral Modulating Control - motorized valves & variable speed drives

  • Virtual 24-hour operator