Field Controls - Residential Steam Humidifier

The Field Controls Steam Humidifier is quite possibly the best humidifier for homes with forced air heat.

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Field Controls
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Residential Steam Humidifier

The Field Controls Steam Humidifier is quite possibly the best humidifier for homes with forced air heat. It is compatible with virtually every make and model of forced air system, it is ideal for use with heat pumps, and will operate in the heating system without the need for a heat call.
The humidifier that works when you need it.

The Field Controls residential Steam Humidifier operates when there is a call for humidity, not just when there is a call for heat. This means maximum comfort for the homeowner. It is also designed for optimum efficiency with an onboard system that automatically performs routine maintenance and monitors operations for maximum safety.

Automatic Maintenance

The automatic flush system drains the humidifier every twenty-four hours of operation. This is a preventative maintenance mode that keeps the pan clean and the water fresh. Since the pan refills only when there is a call for humidity, the pan is empty during the summer months. This prevents stagnant water and the problems associated with other types of humidifiers. The S2000 can output up to 16 gallons of water per day and the S2020 can output up to 23 gallons per day.

Information is Power

The S2000 and S2020 steam humidifiers have a built-in computer chip to insure maximum efficiency, accuracy, reliability and safety. The easy to read LEDs on the unit communicate operation and trouble-shooting information.

  • Interlocking wiring for fan control
  • LEDs for system readout
  • Replaceable sacrificial anode
  • Optional water filter
  • Copper heating element for improved durability
  • Humidifies without a call for heat
  • Compatible with all forced air heating systems
  • Most effective cure for dry homes
  • 100% guaranteed NO stagnating water
  • Water is allowed to cool before draining, reducing risk of scalding if servicing
  • Reduced clogging because tank does not drain from the bottom
  • Works with heat pumps and geothermal systems

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S2000 S2000 S2020 S2020
Output Capacity 16 Gal./Day Output Capacity 23 Gal./Day
Square Footage 2,400 Sq. Ft. Square Footage 3,200 Sq. Ft.
Voltage 120 VAC Voltage 220 VAC
Electrical 1.4 KW, 11.6 amps Electrical 2.0 KW, 8.5 amps
Plenum Opening 6" X 6" Plenum Opening 6" X 6"
Weight 9 Lbs Weight 9 Lbs
Humidistat Included Yes Humidistat Included Yes
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