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A Durable premier quarry tile for outdoor & indoor applications.

Down to Earth is extruded (not pressed) for low absorption and 1/2” thick for added durability.

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Down to Earth by Ironrock
1201 Millerton Street
P.O. Box 9240
Canton, OH 44711
Tel: (800) 325-3945
Fax: (330) 484-4880

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Down To Earth Tiles

A Durable premier quarry tile for outdoor & indoor applications.

Down to Earth is extruded (not pressed) for low absorption and 1/2” thick for added durability. The low absorption means Down to Earth is freeze/thaw resisting and will perform well in the harshest climates - from Minneapolis to Miami. In fact, Down to Earth has been tested to withstand 3,000 cycles of freeze/thaw without incident.

Aesthetically pleasing tile for patios, porches, walkways, sunrooms and mudrooms.

We've designed Down to Earth with an eye toward design. Down to Earth is offered in four earth tone colors. Each color is available in three distinct sizes/textures. Nominal 4” x 8” Velour Texture - the look of a wire cut paver. 6” x 9” Stone Texture - traditional larger format.

Nominal 4” x 12” Slate Texture - a more contemporary design. Down to Earth outdoor tile has random kiln fired shade variation from tile to tile for added appeal.

Unique tile for outdoor use.

Because Down to Earth is textured the grout color can add to the look of the surface of the tile - see Cleaning and Maintenance page. In either a traditional or contemporary setting, Down to Earth outdoor tile answers the call to have natural elements incorporated into the design.

Slip resisting for outdoor tile needs.

The concern with slip falls is magnified in an outdoor tile setting. Down to Earth is unglazed and textured with a dynamic coefficient of friction that meets or exceeds 0.65 wet at time of manufacture. This is considered a very good rating for a tile in regard to slip fall. Because of the Down to Earth textured and unglazed face, the chance of a person hydroplaning and slipping when they walk across the surface is greatly reduced. Hydroplaning is caused by a layer of water developing between the foot and the tile surface. The more irregularities - such as a rough face and texture grooves - a tile has, the less chance for water to build up resulting in the foot skimming the surface - slipping. With unglazed/textured Down to Earth, the problem is greatly reduced as compared to other tile products that might be considered for outdoor flooring tile.

A natural product for any outdoor tile environment.

With environmental concerns on the minds of consumers, they will be glad to know that Down to Earth:

  • is made primarily of natural clay and shale just like brick.
  • has one of the longest life cycles of any flooring product.
  • is manufactured in a central location, Canton, Ohio.
  • is an inert material that can be returned to the earth at the end of its life cycle, as road bed material for example.

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Available Textures - Texture enhanced with a contrasting grout color. Textures are specific to size.
4x8 with Velour Texture

6x9 with Stone Texture

4x12 with Slate Texture

Available Sizes - All Down to Earth sizes are 1/2” thick.