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Packing: 50 lb bags
49 bags / pallet

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Beach Lava Pebble

Packing: 50 lb bags
49 bags / pallet

Beach Lava Stones to Enhance Any Landscape Design

Incorporating pebbles into your project can give a whole new feel to the space, regardless of whether you live in a traditional home or a contemporary apartment.

Beach lava pebbles are formed when the hot lava of the volcano meets the sea and gets hardened. These pebbles are light in weight and have a fairly coarse surface, which lends them a rustic feel. You can use them in or near a fireplace or add them to your fountain or pond. It is the unique appearance of these beach lava rocks that makes them so distinct from all the varieties available. They are available in a range of sizes from ½” up to 6” and 2 colors, Black or Red.

We are committed to delivering the most outstanding products to our clients, who rely on our integrity and quality of service.

Beautiful Beach Lava pebbles are a great way to add a distinctive touch to any aspect of your project. Visit our store in Seattle or contact us toll-free at (877) 779-9553 or locally at (206) 935-5310 to get more information on our wide range of decorative pebbles.

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Decorative Black Lava Beach Pebble
½ - 1”1 - 2”2 - 4”4 - 6”
Decorative Red Lava Beach Pebble
½ - 1”1 - 2”2 - 4”4 - 6”