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CrossingGard® is an Emergency Response Grille designed to help address both security and safety issues in public areas.

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CrossingGard Rolling Grille

Model Number: ERG-IBC

CrossingGard® is an Emergency Response Grille designed to help address both security and safety issues in public areas. CrossingGard provides the security of a locked, rolling grille -- but immediately responds in an emergency situation to fully open automatically and allow safe escape. Available only from Cornell, the CrossingGard is always on duty to provide separation control, yet still allows access to an alternate means of escape.

CrossingGard® Model ERG-IBC provides the following benefits:

  • Safety: CrossingGard’s fail-safe emergency response helps save lives. When an alarm sounds, power is lost or if an emergency exit push-button station is activated, the CrossingGard immediately clears the path by returning the grille to its full open position without requiring an electric or battery power source.
  • Security: No manual locking or unlocking required. AutoLock automatically secures a closed grille by engaging upon attempt of forced opening. AutoLock remains disengaged during normal and emergency operation.
  • Simplicity: No resetting is necessary to resume normal operation. Following an emergency situation, the CrossingGard can be repositioned to the closed position by activating “close” at the motor control station.
  • Speed: If desired, CrossingGard’s early installation option system lets grilles to be mounted on factory supplied tubular members before walls are built and before there is a finished opening.

International Building Code Compliance

The following items must be installed as indicated for CrossingGard grilles to meet IBC code requirements:

  • Fail-safe emergency response opening capability
  • Our unique AutoLock mechanism
  • Emergency exit push-button opening device
  • Additional "push to exit" signage
  • ICC-ES label indicating Cornell's evaluation number

Additionally, activation by the emergency exit push-button station can be configured to activate a local horn and strobe alarm. Consult Cornell if other details regarding appropriate applications are required.

  • Standard construction up to 24’ wide, 20’ high
Standard Materials and Finishes

The CrossingGard Rolling Grille has an open curtain, which allows air circulation. The curtain is formed with a series of horizontal rods 5/16" in diameter, with a vertical separation of 2” between.

Rods are available in the following materials:

  • Aluminum, with mill, clear or color anodized finish
  • 300 series stainless steel
  • Solid galvanized steel


Cornell FS M100 series motor operator is supplied as standard to provide daily operation along with fail-safe automatic emergency opening capabilities without the use of batteries or a back-up power source. Operator can be recessed above a ceiling, as no mechanical resetting is required to resume normal operation.

Hood and Operator Covers

Metal cover to protect the coil or operator from exterior weather, debris or to meet OSHA or UL 325 safety requirements.

Powder Coating - Grilles

Powder coat finish in more than 180 colors is available on perimeter components such as the aluminum bottom bar, hoods, wall angles, tubes and fascia. This finish is not available on the grille curtain.

Trim Package
In applications where exterior aesthetics are important, such as hotels, condominiums, convention centers and parking garages, the addition of a trim package can cover unsightly hardware and contribute to the building's architecture.

Performance Upgrades
Grille High Cycle Construction
For grilles that will cycle more than 5 times per day, such as parking garages and sally port openings, we recommend Model ESG12 brick pattern configuration. Alternative high cycle options include the Extreme SentryGate® grille and the Extreme 324 Grille.

High Cycle Springs
Heavy duty springs manufactured to withstand cycles of 100,000.

Seismic Performance Validation

We can provide project specific seismic calculations for all coiling doors that are mounted Face of Wall or Between Jambs to steel or masonry. Seismic performance validation is per ASCE 7-05.

Safety and Protection
Entrapment Protection Devices

Entrapment protection devices ensure that a motorized door or grille will not close on an object. If an object enters path of closure, the entrapment protection device will stop the door or grille from closing and return it to the fully open position.

Guide-Mounted Interlocks
An electrical cutout switch to prevent motor operation if locking device is not first disengaged.

A wide variety of locking options are available to meet your security needs.

Unique Design Solutions
Sloping or Irregular Openings
Our special bottom bar designs can address these conditions.

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