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Insul-Quilt Sound Absorbing Blanket By absorbing environmental noises in the home and workplace, as well as in community, school, health and vacation settings,...

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Insul-Quilt Sound Absorbing Blanket

Insul-Quilt Sound Absorbing Blanket

By absorbing environmental noises in the home and workplace, as well as in community, school, health and vacation settings, Insul-Quilt helps create more peaceful as well as efficient environments.

Insul-Quilt is a blanket of fiberglass, faced with fiberglass cloth and backed with a flame-proof foil. It offers great sound absorption for studios, auditoriums, concert halls, and more.

Insul-Quilt – Noise Reduction Coefficient – Type A

Product Specs

MATERIALFiberglass core, faced with flame-proof foil.
SIZES4'×16' – Custom Length Available
WEIGHT28lbs Roll
COLORWhite or Black Faced (Custom colors available)
FLAMMABILITYASTM E84, Class A. Flame Spread: 0; Smoke Developed: 0

Insul-Quilt has gained a reputation among builders and architects for providing maximum environmental noise reduction. As a result many builders and architects began to use our Insul-Quilts in other projects. These include casinos, airport buildings, mixed-use buildings, retirement facilities, hospitals, schools, office buildings and apartment buildings, as well as hotels and vacation resorts. It is increasingly being used in structures at or near airports, freeways, and other high environmental noise areas.

Insul-Quilt is a state of the art material, which may not only be installed in plenums, but also can be installed directly on walls and ceilings. Weighing only .4 lbs. per square foot it is significantly lighter than most other professional grade materials, yet it absorbs in many cases as much as twice the noise as other materials.

Insul-Quilt is made of a blanket of glass-wool, faced with white fiberglass cloth and backed with aluminum foil. It is approximately two inches thick and four feet wide and is manufactured in varying lengths. Insul-Quilts can be manufactured to each individual client’s needs and even though the standard color-schemes are black and white fiberglass cloths, at our client’s request this cloth can be provided in numerous colors.


Insul-Quilt is extremely safe due to its outer flame proof foil and received a flame spread and smoke density test result of zero by the SGS U.S. Testing Company Inc. in 2003.

These results make Insul-Quilt a highly versatile and desirable sound-proofing and insulation material safe enough for any structure.

Insul-Quilt has been approved as an interior finish material by the City of Los Angeles Board of Building and Safety Commissioners of the City of Los Angeles.

Insul-Quilt is approved by the City of Los Angeles for installation in a plenum and meets the requirement for use in plenum under section 95.0105 and section 95.1002 of the Los Angeles Mechanical Code.

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