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EFCO Corporation
EFCO Corporation - 3 1/2" Heavy Commercial Projected / Fixed Windows - CMA Certified - Series 811-I Impact - Blast / Do

3 1/2" Heavy Commercial Projected / Fixed Windows - CMA Certified - Series 811-I Impact - Blast / Do

The 811-I window offers the same features as the 810-I heavy commercial window with additional impact grade glazing options. E-Strut ® thermal isolators provide outstanding thermal performance and dual finish capability. Please contact EFCO Procuct Technical Support Department for Blast / DoD...

Kawneer Company, Inc.
Kawneer Company, Inc. - Entrances - Swing

Entrances - Swing

Kawneer Company, Inc. 555 Guthridge Court Technology Park/Atlanta Norcross, GA 30092 Tel: (770) 449-5555 Fax: (770) 734-1560 Web site:

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U.S. Aluminum
U.S. Aluminum - Single Hung Blast Resistant Window - Series BW8000

Single Hung Blast Resistant Window - Series BW8000

As part of the 8000 Series of heavy commercial windows, the BW8000 Blast Mitigation Single Hung Window offers a DoD 1 psi blast resistance capability to the product line. The 4-1/2" (114 mm) deep frame is designed to match typical building conditions, including our entrances and storefront. An...

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Overly Door Co.
Overly Door Co. - Pre-Engineered Blast Resistant Doors

Pre-Engineered Blast Resistant Doors

A. A Very Low Range Blast (VLRB) Door. B. A Medium Range Blast (MRB) Door designed to withstand up to 20 psi static equivalent pressure. PP-PRODUCT PRESENTATION VLRB and LRB are personnel-size 1-3/4" thick heavy-duty hollow metal doors. They are lightweight and have the appearance and...

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Horton Automatics
Horton Automatics - Automatic Sliding Door Systems

Automatic Sliding Door Systems

Horton Automatics sliding door systems are used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Packages are available from 7 to 16 feet unit widths. Door configurations are offered in 2-, 3-, or 4-panel designs, single sliding or bi-parting with choice of anodized aluminum, paint or...

Bayer MaterialScience LLC
Bayer MaterialScience LLC - Hygard EX - Explosion Resistant Polycarbonate Glazing

Hygard EX - Explosion Resistant Polycarbonate Glazing

Hygard EX Laminates are engineered to meet & exceed GSA, DoD and DoS anti-terrorism force protection standards for blast resistant glazing. These products can be used as monolithic glazing or as the interior lite in dual glazed systems with glass. MakrolonR Hygard EX laminates are suitable for...

Security Metal Products
Security Metal Products - Blast and Pressure Resistant Doors and Frames

Blast and Pressure Resistant Doors and Frames

For protection of personnel and private property and as required by the Department of Homeland Security, DOD/ATFP requirements, DOE,GSA Level C and D, and petrochemical industry standard (PIPITC), Security Metal Products offers a full line of blast and pressure resistant metal doors and frames....

Tubelite Inc
Tubelite Inc - ForceFront Blast - Framing and Entrances

ForceFront Blast - Framing and Entrances

Tubelite is your single source solution in the growing market for blast resistant products. ForceFront Blast pressure bar curtainwall framing and wide stile entrances are designed for compliance with ASTM, GSA ISC, and DoD requirements. Fully tested and easy to fabricate and install, ForceFront...

Walz & Krenzer, Inc.
Walz & Krenzer, Inc. - Watertight & Airtight Doors

Watertight & Airtight Doors

At WK, watertight (WT) or airtight (AT) means zero leakage, no matter the door size or design pressure. Whether your door is designed to be submerged 500′ underwater or prevent air leakage from a BSL-4 laboratory, we’ve got a cost effective solution for you. WK has designed more custom watertight...

International Door, Inc.
International Door, Inc. - Special Purpose Doors

Special Purpose Doors

Please consult IDI Engineering for specifications and details for your specific project. International Door manufactures a number of custom designed special purpose doors. The following is a listing and a brief description for a few of these types of doors. Please consult our sales department...

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Armortex - Bullet & Blast Resistant Storefront Systems

Bullet & Blast Resistant Storefront Systems

Armortex ® Bullet Resistant Aluminum Storefront Systems are available in all UL ® protection levels 1 through 8. Armortex ® , Inc. 5926 Corridor Pkwy. Schertz, TX 78154 Tel: (210) 661-8306 Fax: (210) 661-8308 Tollfree: (800) 880-8306 E-mail: Web site:

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Llumar - LLumar® Safety & Security Films

LLumar® Safety & Security Films

LLumar Safety and Security Films help protect commercial and residential buildings from forced entry, bomb blast, and acid-etch graffiti. These strong films also provide enhanced glass retention during natural disaster events like hurricanes, windstorms, and earthquakes, and help to reduce...

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