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Ruskin - Architectural Screens and Grilles

Architectural Screens and Grilles

Ruskin screens are proven interior and exterior installations, at ground level and roof top, in new construction and renovation. They lower building costs by eliminating or reducing concealment walls while effectively and attractively shielding fans, cooling towers, equipment, and parking...

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AGS, Inc.
AGS, Inc. - Aluminum Trellis – Outdoor Sunscreen

Aluminum Trellis – Outdoor Sunscreen

Architectural Grilles and Sunshades, Inc. 9950 W. 190th Street Mokena, IL 60448 Tel: (708) 479-9458 Fax: (708) 479-9478 Website:

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Draper, Inc.
Draper, Inc. - Window Shades

Window Shades

Draper's FlexShade window shades reflect light and heat from the sun, reducing the amount of energy required to cool the building. Motorized window shades can automatically adjust to compensate for the changing shade requirements throughout the day. Draper FlexShades can contribute to LEED...

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YKK AP America Inc.
YKK AP America Inc. - Sun Control System for Curtain Wall and Storefront - THERMASHADE®

Sun Control System for Curtain Wall and Storefront - THERMASHADE®

Integrates with Storefront, Curtain Wall, and other Wall Conditions YKK AP's ThermaShade ® system is designed to improve comfort and lower energy consumption by decreasing solar heat gain. Designers now have a solution that can be applied to both curtain wall and storefront facades to maintain a...

Kawneer Co., Inc.
Kawneer Co., Inc. - Sun Control Products

Sun Control Products

Kawneer Company, Inc. 555 Guthridge Court Technology Park/Atlanta Norcross, GA 30092 Tel: (770) 449-5555 Fax: (770) 734-1560 Web site:

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Alumashade Div., Hansen Architectural Systems, Inc.
Alumashade Div., Hansen Architectural Systems, Inc. - Trellis Systems

Trellis Systems

Alumashade is your world-class source for a wide range of sun control products such as trellis structures, sunscreen systems, wind barriers, privacy screens, and custom canopies. We design, engineer and fabricate all of our products in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Alumashade's...

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Envolution - Envolution™ Architectural Grilles and Screenwalls

Envolution™ Architectural Grilles and Screenwalls

Description Envolution ™ architectural grilles and screenwalls by Doralco Architectural Metals provide striking visual impact to building facades and shield unattractive equipment or construction from view, all in one energy-efficient package. With a wide range of styles and profiles, including...

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Construction Specialties, Inc.
Construction Specialties, Inc. - Sun Controls

Sun Controls

C/S offers a complete line of Fixed and Operating Sun Controls that save energy, reduce heat and glare, allow filtered light to enter the building interior, and permits occupants to see out. Construction Specialties 3 Werner Way Lebanon, NJ 08833 Tel: (800) 972-7214 E-mail: Web...

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Ohio Gratings, Inc.
Ohio Gratings, Inc. - Aluminum Architectural Grilles and Screens

Aluminum Architectural Grilles and Screens

OGi grilles and screens are manufactured from aluminum extrusions (Alloys 6061 and 6063). All OGi grilles and screens are available in a variety of mesh openings, and depths to provide a product tailored to your exact specifications. The high percentage of open area allows wind, snow and water...

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Ametco - Sunshades


Sunshades are growing more popular in new building design due to their aesthetic quality and sun-limiting functionality. Ametco offers quality architectural Sunshades in galvanized steel and aluminum bar grille design, extruded aluminum tubing design, steel and aluminum louver design and...

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Industrial Louvers, Inc.
Industrial Louvers, Inc. - Extruded Aluminum Light Shelves

Extruded Aluminum Light Shelves

ILI's extruded aluminum light shelves are available in many different profiles and are made to order. ILI's light shelves are used to redirect sunlight up and into the room. These light shelves are helpful in controlling the occupant's energy and lighting needs. Model: LS100 Model: LS200...

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U.S. Aluminum
U.S. Aluminum - Sun Control Systems - Series 3600 Sun Shade

Sun Control Systems - Series 3600 Sun Shade

Conserving energy by reducing exposure to direct U.V. rays, while allowing for ambient day lighting, is a major focus of today's ecologically conscious USGBC guidelines. U.S. Aluminum produces the LEED-friendly, Series 3600 Sun Shade to meet these needs. The screw spline assembly design features...

C.R. Laurence Co., Inc.
C.R. Laurence Co., Inc. - Architectural Metal Systems

Architectural Metal Systems

C.R. Laurence Co., Inc. 2503 E. Vernon Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90058 Toll Free: (800) 421-6144 Fax: (800) 262-3299 E-mail: Web site: Web site:

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Architectural Louvers
Architectural Louvers - Louvered Sunshades

Louvered Sunshades

Louvered Sunshades are an attractive means to obstruct undesired sun and heat gain while allowing natural light into your building. While most commonly used as a shelf above windows, louvered sunshades can also be mounted vertically in front of windows. Numerous blade shapes, blade spacings, and...

CENTRIA - Formavue® Integrated Window Systems

Formavue® Integrated Window Systems

Designed to work seamlessly with Formawall Dimension Series panels. CENTRIA Formavue windows are specifically designed to provide a high performance window/panel interface with CENTRIA Formawall Dimension Series panels. They completely eliminate the problems of coordinating window and metal...

QMI Security Solutions
QMI Security Solutions - HomeSafe® Security Window Shutters and Screens

HomeSafe® Security Window Shutters and Screens

Great for single-family homes or multi-family hi-rises. Rolling shutters have a clean, consistent look even when a multi-story building is completed in phases. Roll-a-way shutters roll into a small housing designed to blend into the building’s architecture Our unique design of the Roll-a-way...

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Hansen Architectural Systems, Inc.
Hansen Architectural Systems, Inc. - Aluminum Trellis and Sun Control Systems

Aluminum Trellis and Sun Control Systems

Hansen specializes in custom fabrication of architectural metal products including trellises, grilles, louvers and many others custom designed products. As full-service metal fabricators, we offer complete in-house capabilities – including field measurements design, engineering, fabrication and...

Tubelite Inc.
Tubelite Inc. - Daylight Controls

Daylight Controls

Effectively reduce Solar Heat Gain by shading vision glass areas of the building envelope with Tubelite’s MAXBLOCK™ Sunshades. Cooling costs can be significantly lowered while still allowing natural light to fill the workspace. MAXBLOCK™ Sunshades are designed for use with Tubelite 200 Series or...

VICTORY AWNING - Metal Awnings & Canopies

Metal Awnings & Canopies

Just as many of the "old town squares" had storefronts draped with overhead supported canopies, the retail centers and walk-in businesses of today capitalize on this timeless tradition. Unsightly support systems have been replaced by powder coated specialty metals that match the color scheme of...

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McNichols Co.
McNichols Co. - Designer Metals - Grilles and Screens

Designer Metals - Grilles and Screens

108200 Grilles and Screens McNICHOLS ® wide range of Grille and Screen Products offer contractors and architects a variety of solution and design opportunities for industrial, commercial and architectural projects including those that may require striking aesthetics. The architectural choices...

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Willard Shutter Co., Inc.
Willard Shutter Co., Inc. - Bahama Shutters

Bahama Shutters

Bahama Louvered shutters feature an easy to operate, open louver* shade and storm shutter system that captures the charm and sophistication of traditional wooden louvers. The Bahama Shutter hinges at the top and projects out over the opening giving protection from sun and weather, and closes...

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Icon Shelter Systems, Inc.
Icon Shelter Systems, Inc. - Arbors


Arbor is an horticultural term used to describe regular intervals in the planting of trees. In this case, we use the terms to describe open-slatted structures that simulate the partial coverage provided by trees. Arbors by ICON are attractive without foliage, but are capable of handling the load...

Architectural Shade Products
Architectural Shade Products - ASP Bahama Shutter Awnings

ASP Bahama Shutter Awnings

Let the sunlight filter through with a great classic look suitable for many types of building from retail, to office, to residential. Architectural Shade Products has developed a Bahama Shutter suited specifically for awning type applications. They are designed to be mounted in a fixed position...

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Axis Concepts Inc. (The Apollo OPENING Roof System)
Axis Concepts Inc. (The Apollo OPENING Roof System) - Apollo Opening Roof System

Apollo Opening Roof System

The Apollo Opening Roof is an innovative solution for Commercial and Residential outdoor living and dining areas. The Apollo Opening Roof is a unique system that provides protection from the rain, while allowing the flexibility of variable shading and light. By opening the louvers slightly heat...

Dittmer Architectural Aluminum
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