Wasco Products, Inc

Wasco Products, Inc

For over 60 years, Wasco® has set the industry standard for product durability, versatility and energy efficiency. We offer the superior daylighting tools necessary for creative and practical building design, including both standard and custom skylighting products for a full range of residential and commercial applications.

Our commitment to advancements in skylighting technology as well as improvements in design, quality and engineering have made Wasco products the finest in their field. We design and manufacture the most energy-efficient and durable skylighting available, using the industry’s most sophisticated technology, including computerized daylighting energy analysis.

Every Wasco product, from our innovative leakproof E-Classic Skywindow® to our versatile Classic and Tubular-Framed Skylighting systems, is designed to meet the strictest standards in the industry. Architects, builders and consumers alike appreciate the advantages of Wasco:

  • Easier, faster installation
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • More effective condensation control
  • More daylighting for less cost
  • Unmatched quality and craftsmanship

We back our products with an uncompromising commitment to quality and service. And we welcome the opportunity to help you choose the standard or custom skylighting products that meet your design needs.

Wasco Products, Inc

RESIDENTIAL UNIT SKYLIGHTS - Most complete line of superior residential unit skylights with many unique design, installation and performance advantages.

E-Class Skywindow®
Exclusive, leakproof, self-flashing design. No mastic, sealants or step flashing required. Leakproof, self-flashing unit skylight for pitched roof applications, for use with thin roofing materials.

Standard Skywindows
Value, quality and reliability in economical fixed units. A variety of fixed skylights for both pitched and flat roof applications

COMMERCIAL UNIT SKYLIGHTS - Wide range of commercial unit skylights and systems including superior performing thermalized systems, vaults, space enclosures, heat and smoke vents.

Unit Skylights
Super Thermalized® energy-efficient domed skylights. Unlimited applications using site-built curbs for both flat and pitched roof applications.

Continuous Vaulted Units
Versatile, standardized system for unlimited design variations. Curb-mount design for unlimited applications using site-built curbs for both flat and pitched roof applications.

Space Enclosure Systems
Dramatic clustered overhead glazing for large enclosures. For installation on site-built structures.

SKYLIGHT STRUCTURES - Versatile metal framed overhead glazing systems and structures with the flexibility to be tailored to fit practically any application or design concept.

Tubular Framed Skylights
Complete, structural systems; versatile design possibilities. Complete systems can span up to 16 ft. in a single pitch unit and up to 32 ft. in a double pitch configuration. Unlimited applications using site-built curbs for both pitched and flat roof applications.

Classic Skylighting Systems
Light-framed, fully thermalized system for a cost-effective custom look. Light-framed system designed for pyramids, double pitch and hipped end units. Curb-mount design for unlimited applications using site-built curbs for both pitched and flat roof applications.

Low Profile System
Non-structural, low-profile system. For pitched roof applications where structural support by others is provided below the skylight rafters.

Wasco is engaged in continual product development and improvement and therefore reserves the right to change or discontinue any product without notice. Wasco holds numerous U.S., Canadian and European patents on its products. Wasco, Skywindow, Permatherm, Skyshade, Skydrome, Quadraseal, Pyrovent, Pyrodome and Super Thermalized are registered trademarks of Wasco Products, Inc. Heat Mirror is a trademark of Southwall Technologies, Inc.

We’re Here to Help!
We’ve developed an extensive technical support system at Wasco to make it easy for you to get the information you need. In addition to our unmatched architectural, structural and daylighting technical services (1-800-388-0293), we also provide:

  • Our architect’s manual with sample specifications and 1/4-size details of all Wasco skylighting products
  • Autocad® details of Wasco skylights and systems on disk in DWG and DXF format
  • Computerized daylighting energy analysis
  • Product Catalogs: Residential Unit Skylights, Commercial Unit Skylights, Skylight Systems

The Wasco Warranty - At Wasco, we back our products with an uncompromising commitment to quality and service, and, at your request, we will gladly provide written warranty information on any Wasco product or project. Our record of customer satisfaction is outstanding, and we have a field service group in place to respond quickly to your needs. Should you experience any problem with a Wasco product, we want to know. Call us at 1-800-388-0293.

Safety Considerations - While Wasco products are designed to support the weight of snow and ice and the force of normal winds, they are not designed to withstand the weight of people. If human safety becomes a consideration, skylights, access hatches and smoke vents should be protected by railings, grids or screens.

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