Rapid Floor® Systems

Tailor-Made Solutions for Every Floor Challenge

New construction and renovation projects present their own special challenges. But Rapid Floor Systems offers specific solutions, so you can customize installation for each project.

Gypsum Underlayments

Rapid Floor® offers the advantage of a smooth, joint-free surface and is an excellent alternative to double wood floor construction in new, multifamily residential projects.

Rapid Floor® Plus provides the extra muscle required when the job calls for a tougher, more durable surface. Its increased surface hardness that's critical in renovation, single family and commercial projects. Rapid Floor Plus is always manufactured in a "green" formulation and may help contribute toward points for LEED project certification. Rapid Floor Plus is also GREENGUARD Select Certified.

Rapid Floor® Ultra offers an economical alternative to many concrete floor underlayment applications in commercial and renovation projects.Rapid Floor Ultra is always manufactured in a "green" formulation and may help contribute toward points for LEED project certification. Rapid Floor Ultra is also GREENGUARD Select Certified.

Rapid Radiant® is the ultimate underlayment for radiant heat applications. Poured over hot water tubes or electric heating cables, it maximizes radiant heat performance while withstanding temperature fluctuations. Rapid Radiant is always manufactured in a "green" formulation and may help contribute toward points for LEED project certification. Rapid Radiant is also GREENGUARD Select Certified.

Commercial Topping® has a fast drying time and is the ideal underlayment to meet ASTM F710 "Preparing Concrete to Receive Resilient Flooring". Plus it pours over VAT, VCT, terrazzo or ceramic, with no shotblasting required. Commercial Topping is always manufactured in a "green" formulation and may help contribute toward points for LEED project certification. Commercial Topping is also GREENGUARD Select Certified.

Self-Leveling underlayments

Level-Right® Self-Leveling Floor Underlayment is a specially formulated, high-strength, cementitious underlayment that can handle any floor leveling challenge - without shotblasting or scarifying. Level-Right is a "green" product which may help contribute toward points for LEED project certification. Level-Right is also GREENGUARD Select Certified.

Level-Right® Plus Maxxon is a multi-purpose self-leveling floor underlayment, ideal for thin or thick topping applications over concrete. Levels, smooths and repairs, all with superior speed and a high strength set. It's the superior solution for 0-1 1/2" (0-38mm). Dries fast to keep your job on schedule.

Level-Right® FS-10 Maxxon is used when the job calls for a new floor that's smooth, level and super fast-setting. Levels, smoothes, and repairs 0 - 3/8" (0-10 mm).

Level-Right® WearTop Maxxon is ideal for fast track retrofits. Level-Right WearTop is the answer for old or damaged concrete floors that need a new, smooth wear surface. Commonly used in retail, commercial and light manufacturing applications, it provides a smooth, permanent wear surface.

Level-Right® FeatherEdge Maxxon is a specially formulated, fast setting, polymer-modified portland cement based patching compound. Mixed with water, it is used for patching over all gypsum underlayments, wood and concrete subfloors. It can be used as an embossing leveler over vinyl, VCT, cement, terrazzo and old adhesives.

Rapid Floor Systems Underlayments Build a Better Floor Keeping the Noise in its Place

Keeping noise in its place is especially important in residential as well as commercial projects. Rapid Floor Systems underlayments control sound transmission between rooms and between floors, so occupants enjoy greater peace, quiet and privacy. Rapid Floor Systems underlayments fill cracks in the subfloor and seal perimeter joints, significantly reducing sound leaks. Their high density and monolithic application stiffen the floor, virtually eliminating squeaky floors and nail pops so prevalent in wood frame assemblies.

Enhancing Fire Safety

Wherever Rapid Floor® Systems underlayments flow into place - over plywood, into cracks, under walls - they create a flame barrier between wood and other flammable materials, retarding the spread of flame and smoke. Over precast concrete, they can increase the UL rating by two hours.

In testing by Underwriters Laboratories, Rapid Floor Systems underlayments were rated 0 for flame spread, fuel contribution and smoke density.

A Smooth, New Surface = Fast!

In practically no time at all, Rapid Floor Systems can transform even rough, uneven and warped surfaces into smooth, flat floors ready for any specified floor goods - carpeting, vinyl, wood parquet or ceramic tile.

The time savings start with high-volume application equipment that can pump 1000 to 30,000 square feet (93 m² - 2787 m²) in one workday. Next, Rapid Floor Systems underlayments set fast, so other subtrades can stay on schedule. The surface can be walked on within 90 minutes after pouring, although it is common practice to allow the underlayment to set overnight before resuming full traffic. By the very next morning, other trades can go about their work without costly delays.

Code Listings

Rapid Floor® Systems products have undergone various reviews to ensure compliance with building codes.

Refer to the following evaluation reports for specific code compliance.

ICC-ESR Report No. 2540
HUD Materials Release No. 1286b
City of New York
City of Los Angeles RR 25186

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