HH Robertson Floor Systems

HH Robertson Floor Systems

HH Robertson Floor Systems, a CENTRIA company, manufactures cellular steel deck, trench headers and electrical outlet boxes which are cast into the floor slab. This provides a proven, cost-effective wire raceway system for handling the rapidly changing wiring and cabling needs of the building industry. Applications of HH Robertson in-floor cable distribution systems include offices, casinos, libraries, schools and government buildings.

Since its introduction in 1931 by the HH Robertson Company, the in-floor cable distribution system has been continually improved to provide customer benefits unmatched by any other method of horizontal cable distribution.

HH Robertson Floor Systems


Cellular Floor Wire Distribution and Management Systems

Robertson's Q-Floor/Taproute System, Cellcast system and 3 + 1 System provide the wiring flexibility and capacity needed for current and future workstation layouts.

Robertson's in-floor systems provide built-in flexibility for office layouts with a choice of preset outlet modules. Regardless of desk location or furniture layout, a 3-service outlet box is available for easy activation.

Each system consists of 3 main components: the composite cellular floor units, which provide the formwork for the floor slab and later act as wire raceways to distribute wiring safely throughout the office floor; the Tapway trench header, which delivers power and low voltage wiring from the main closets to each cell it crosses; and the preset outlet boxes, which deliver the cables at the workstation.

HH Robertson Floor Systems

Tapmate outlets are spacious, easily activated and aesthetically pleasing.

Preset Tapmate outlets can be neatly hidden under the floor coverings. The large 4'' x 7'' opening permits easy physical access to the outlet's interior and maximum visibility to facilitate connecting office equipment, task lighting, appliances, communications devices and computer terminals. When the top of the concealed outlet is closed, wires and cables seem to disappear into the carpet. Unused and deactivated outlets can be completely sealed off and then hidden by carpeting.

Outlets can be activated or deactivated by building maintenance personnel in less than an hour. This means quicker and more economical workstation changes than with any other systems.

By offering such substantial activation cost savings, Robertson's systems lower life cycle costs and provide the least expensive cabling method available.

HH Robertson Floor Systems

Robertson in-floor systems meet the needs of the automated office of today and tomorrow.


HH Robertson Floor Systems


Flexibility - The Q-Floor/Taproute 5'x5' module permits one workstation outlet every 25 square feet.

More Flexibility - This modified 5'x2'6'' module permits one workstation outlet every 12.5 square feet.

Greatest Flexibility - The Q-Floor/Taproute full cellular 2'x2' module permits one workstation outlet every 4 square feet for maximum flexibility.

HH Robertson Floor Systems

Expandable Flexibility… To accommodate exact deliver location requirements, Robertson also offers a multi-service afterset outlet box. It can be placed at any point along the cellular unit after the concrete pour, and delivers power and low voltage service using the same hardware, and providing the same appearance, as the preset Tapmate® outlet box.

HH Robertson Floor Systems


Tapmate preset outlet boxes can accommodate up to four duplex receptacles, leaving ample additional space for low tension services.

* "Capacity" referred to above means wire and cable capacity; it should be noted cell sizes and arrangements also provide for structural capacity by allowing stud placement in any low rib and sufficient load-carrying capability.

HH Robertson Floor Systems

Core drilled "poke-thru" outlets have been found to allow the passage of "cold smoke" through floor slabs in violation of their code approvals. Cold smoke occurs when smoke moves away from the point of fire to other areas of the plenum space. Cold smoke may not expand the intumescent rings designed to seal the poke-thru outlet against smoke penetration.

HH Robertson Floor Systems

Cellular floor and underfloor duct systems provide an enclosed raceway for all of the buildings' cabling. This ensures that the wiring and its insulation will never be exposed to fire or flame. Non-plenum rated cable can be safely used in these enclosed raceways. Wire insulation can create toxic smoke and propagate flame in return air plenums when wires are exposed in cable trays, under access floors, or supported by J-hooks or other devices. The CMP plenum rated cable which has been code-approved for over 20 years has recently become suspect from a fire safety standpoint.


Recent Installations

Q-Floor/Taproute systems comply with the National Electrical Code and provide for UL Electric and Fire Resistance listing as a complete assembly including concrete fill and fireproofing variations. Q-Floor-/Taproute systems have been used successfully in these "designed for tomorrow" buildings:

Iowa Beef Processors
Dakota Dunes, SD
American Family Insurance
Madison, WI
Dollar General
Goodlettsville, TN
A. G. Edwards
St. Louis, MO
Liberty Ship Way
Sausalito, CA
Mellon Bank
Pittsburgh, PA
Information Handling Systems
Englewood, CO
Bank One Corporate Center
Columbus, OH
Covenant Transport
Chatanooga, TN
The Borgata
Atlantic City, NJ
Connell Corporation
Berkeley Heights, NJ
Harrahs/Players Casino
Maryland Heights, MO
American Airlines
Dallas, TX
Grand Rapids, MI
New York, NY
World Financial Center
New York, NY
IBM corporation
White Plains, NY
Wilmington, DE



The Easy Access Deluxe outlet features a "trapdoor" that provides access to the spacious preset box containing numerous low and high tension outlets.

When in service, wires and cables neatly egress through the hinged access ports. These kits are available in a variety of colors and also in brushed aluminum.

In addition, Robertson offers a variety of traditional concealed activation options.

Life Safety = Wiring in Ducts

Cellular floor and under-floor duct raceway systems are the answer. The eliminate any possibility of floor-to-floor smoke migration (no slab penetrations are made) or unsafe CMP wiring while allowing the use of much less expensive non-plenum rated cable.

Why risk exposed wiring in return air plenums when enclosed raceways within the floor slap provide a permanent life safely benefit?

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HH Robertson Floor Systems

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