To meet the varied needs of the non-residential construction industry, CURRIES offers a wide range of hollow metal doors and frames for interior and exterior use. The information on this website will enable you to choose both the doors and frames best suited for your project.

Founded in 1958, CURRIES is an industry leader in the manufacture of hollow metal doors and frames. The company supplies a full line of custom and standard products for new and retrofit construction projects in the commercial, educational and healthcare markets.

Steel Doors, Metal Frames, Energy Efficient Solutions and much more

The quality and reliability of CURRIES doors and frames have made them a favored choice for construction projects worldwide. Using only the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques, CURRIES produces metal doors and frames in a wide variety of sizes, gauges, and styles to meet the full range of safety, security and aesthetic requirements.

CURRIES can provide most types and styles of steel doors and frames for interior and exterior use and is one of the few manufacturers able to deliver both custom and standard doors and frames on the same order. Through our ability to produce uniquely designed doors and frames, CURRIES offers architects total design freedom.

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