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Draper, Inc. - FlexLouver™ Rack Arm Non-Retractable Louver System
Draper, Inc. - FlexLouver™ Rack Arm Non-Retractable Louver System
Description: The FlexLouver Rack Arm System is a non-retractable louver system. The louvers can open and close to control solar energy, light and glare. It is very beneficial when precise light control is important in venues such as galleries or museums. Each system incorporates standard components but is...

Manufacturer: Draper, Inc.

Category: horizontal sun shades | louvered sun screens | vertical sun shades...

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Metl-Span - Architectural Light Shelves
Metl-Span - Architectural Light Shelves
Description: Metl-Span Architectural Light Shelves by Doralco Architectural Metals reflect direct sunlight up to the ceiling, distributing it more evenly to make surfaces feel bigger and brighter. Perfect for offices and meeting rooms, light shelves are a sustainable solution that reduces the need for...

Manufacturer: Metl-Span

Category: day lighting | daylighting | exterior daylighting...

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