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Fine's Gallery - Bronze Mermaid & Dolphins - BF-771
Fine's Gallery - Bronze Mermaid & Dolphins - BF-771
Description: Bronze Mermaid & Dolphins - BF-771 Model: Bronze Mermaid & Dolphins - BF-771 A graceful mermaid and dolphin sculpture. Water spouts from the dolphin into your pool or pond.

Manufacturer: Fine's Gallery

Category: artwork | bronze sculptures | fountains...

MasterFormat: Sculptures | Exterior Specialties | Manufactured Exterior Specialties...

The 4 Kids - Play Sculptures - Gastonia Sculpture
The 4 Kids - Play Sculptures - Gastonia Sculpture
Description: Play Sculptures - Gastonia Sculpture Model: Play Sculptures - Gastonia Sculpture Sure, the gentle face seems at odds with the crazy back spikes--but that's what makes dinosaurs so compelling! Your visitors will be intrigued by The 4 Kids Gastonia Sculpture. The realistic finish shown here...

TerraGlas - TerraGlas Terra Cotta
TerraGlas - TerraGlas Terra Cotta
Description: TerraGlas Terra Cotta Model: TerraGlas Terra Cotta About TerraGlas® Terra Cotta TerraGlas® is a molded architectural terra cotta composite with fiberglass reinforcing. TerraGlas® offers the traditional architectural terra cotta look and feel. It is available in limitless molded shapes to exactly...

Manufacturer: TerraGlas

Category: chimneys | coping | flat panels...

MasterFormat: Sculptures | Composite Trim | Wall Panels...