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Whirlpool Corporation - Maytag® Laundry Equipment
Whirlpool Corporation - Maytag® Laundry Equipment
Description: The PowerWash ® cycle on this Maytag ® washer combines extra cleaning action and heated water to fight stains. The Cold Wash cycle delivers the same performance but with added energy savings. Either way, this model offers an extra-large 4.3 cu. ft. capacity that can be counted on to get the job...

Manufacturer: Whirlpool Corporation

Category: combination washer/dryer | dryers | energy saving washers...

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DryAway - DryAway Laundry Drying System - 4 Frames
DryAway - DryAway Laundry Drying System - 4 Frames
Description: Compatible with almost any laundry room, DryAway can be built into a custom cabinet, mounted from the ceiling or installed in a standard closet. This permanently placed, easy to use system efficiently dries clothes out of sight and out of the way. Using zero energy, DryAway saves money and the...

Manufacturer: DryAway

Category: laundry accessories | laundry machines | racks...

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