epro Services, Inc.

epro Services, Inc.

Epro Services, Inc. Waterproofing System Overview

Very few above and below grade water and/or gas-proofing problems are the same. So, how can you be sure that your best solution can be chosen from standard products?

Epro Services, Inc. brings a unique approach to above and below grade waterproofing. Rather than have a large number of products that you need to determine what may work, the unique Epro System III is infinitely adaptable, yet easy to understand. Epro has custom engineered and designed the System III elements to provide the ideal solution to your specific problem.

  • System III commercial below-grade waterproofing system for prevention of water, gas and mold problems.
  • E-Wall residential below-grade waterproofing system for the mitigation of water, gas and mold problems.
  • Epro above-grade air barriers and waterproofing.
    • Polysiloxane water repellants for concrete and masonry construction.
    • Mortars for tuck pointing masonry structures.
    • Spray applied membranes for cavity wall air barrier.

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