Zero International Gasketing & Weatherstripping

Zero International Gasketing & Weatherstripping

Founded in 1924, Zero International manufactures thresholds, gasketing, weather stripping, door bottoms, flood barriers, intumescent materials and sound control materials. We are known for developing highest performing products in the industry. We provide patented solutions and products for the toughest architectural problems, as well as applications for fire safety, life safety, sound control and security.

Our product portfolio includes:


  • Thickness that ensures they won‘t collapse
  • Extruded bulb finger
  • Adjustable (no welds, interlock)
  • Traction tread

Sound Gasketing

  • Common sound gasketing solutions
  • Fire-rated with C/O frame


  • Comprised of neoprene for flexibility and stability
  • Wide variety of sizes / functions
  • 20-minute rating ITS


  • Adjustability for sound as well as other penetrations
  • Ideal for HM applications ML X strike
  • Options for single door active or both doors active

Automatic door bottoms

  • Cycle tested, sound tested, unique operation
  • Electric and concealed mounting options
  • Head and jamb protection
  • Adaptable for all conditions since no cutting gasketing at head or jambs
  • SPB brackets for heavier duty gasketing

Photoluminescent products

  • Designed for compliance with Building Code Standard RS 6-1/1A of New York City (Building Code Section 27-383(b))
  • Signage
  • Stair nosings
  • Demarcation - Door and frame markings
  • Packets

Specialized products

  • Flood barrier shields
  • Anti-Ligature products
  • Fire rated louvers – Non FL
  • Products with installation advantages, i.e. adjustable thresholds
  • Glass and sliding door products

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