Wooster Products, Inc.

Wooster Products, Inc

Anti-Slip Safety Stair Treads and Walkway Products

Since 1921 Wooster Products, Inc., a minority owned business, has been manufacturing anti-slip stair and walkway products. These anti-skid products are heavy duty, durable designs that provide anti-skid surfaces for occasional to continuous walking traffic patterns.

The products provided by Wooster Products, Inc. help eliminate accidental slips and falls which is extremely important to both pedestrians and facility owners.


Wooster Products, Inc. has a full staff of technical customer service people plus sales managers. Products are also sold through local representatives. For a list of the representative in your area go to www.wooster-products.com and click on "find a representative."


Fax, call or email the plant for a fast quotation or for service questions. Stair treads and nosings are manufactured to the exact needed lengths. Most items are custom made to order so adequate lead time is required. Several models are kept in stock in the event that fast delivery is needed.

Wooster Products, Inc.

Product Offerings

Wooster Products manufactures a variety of anti-slip products including: stair nosing made of cast metals or extruded aluminum, cast structural stair treads, renovation stair treads, epoxy and paint coatings and peel and stick tapes. All products have non-slip surfaces on the top to help prevent slipping and offer a long term solution to your anti-skid needs.


Applications for Wooster Products, Inc. items are almost unlimited. Whenever slippery surfaces exist, Wooster Products anti-slip products can help eliminate the possibility of slipping and falling.

Applications include industry, commercial buildings, walkways, sports facilities, ships, off shore drilling, educational institutions, government buildings and any place where there is the potential for slips and falls.

Lasting Benefits

All treads and nosings are designed and manufactured to last for years, in many cases for the life of the building. Treads and nosings are designed for both indoors or outdoors uses, in any weather conditions.

Anti-slip stair nosings can also help extend the life of concrete stairs. Wooster Products, Inc. treads last several times longer than vinyl, plastic or rubber. Around the world, Wooster Product treads and nosings have been in service for many years.

Wooster Products, Inc.


Wooster safety treads and surfaces are OSHA and ADA compliant. Specialty treads meet California Title 24 as well as ASTM and New York's Local Law 26 photoluminescent requirements. NITEGLOW products comply with International Building (IBC) and Fire (IFC) exit path codes.

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