We are a company on a mission. We believe that View Dynamic Glass will create entirely new possibilities to elevate occupant experience, and change the way we think about architectural design. We will help produce buildings with the expansive views we crave, with abundant natural light, and greater occupant comfort. And conserve energy at the same time.

View has assembled a diverse team of entrepreneurs, partners and investors, developing cutting edge technology, that is fuelling a dramatic shift in building design...Living buildings that delight occupants and harmonize with the environment.

It is precisely this world of possibility that inspires us every day. If you are inspired by this vision we invite you help us bring about the change.

Why Dynamic Glass?

View Dynamic Glass is clear when you want it and tints when you need it...automatically

The sun is dynamic…your windows should be too. View Dynamic Glass tints electronically in response to the outside world, preserving your view and keeping you cool. Now your windows are intelligent and no longer just a static component in a building. View Dynamic Glass transitions seamlessly between four variable tint states, allowing visible light to shine in, and rejecting unwanted heat and glare…any time of the day or year. No need to give up your views to save energy or stay comfortable. How cool is that?

Welcome to the era of no compromises

Advances in architectural glass have been a story of compromises. How to get more visible light and reduce the bad stuff; heat, UV and glare. Incremental improvements were made, but they always came with big tradeoffs. Since the glass was static, it was unable to adapt to the changes going on outside the window. None of these advances did much to handle the comfort issues of glare. Block it with blinds and shades…and with it the view. Until now.

Glass gets intelligent

View Dynamic Glass is a major step forward in glass performance. Since the glass is intelligent and can change, it can dynamically adjust to the outside world, to provide optimum natural light and comfort, no matter what the conditions or time of year. And it has the intelligence to predict what will be best for you, or respond to your individual preferences. Views without heat and glare…less energy. No more compromises.

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