Unifrax, LLC

Unifrax, LLC

Unifrax is a leading producer of high-temperature insulation products providing innovative heat management solutions and energy savings for a broad range of industries.

Our well-known Fiberfrax® ceramic fiber products, Insulfrax® and Isofrax® soluble fiber products and other high performance insulation products provide substantial improvement in thermal performance, save thousands of dollars in energy costs and can help reduce your operations environmental footprint.

Unifrax also maintains a leadership role regarding industry health and safe handling of products through our Product Stewardship Program (PSP) which serves as a model for the industry.

Unifrax FyreWrap® Fire Protection Products

Wherever high heat or potential fire is a problem, Unifrax FyreWrap® Fire Protection Products offer solutions to a variety of passive fire protection applications when lightweight, thin materials are needed to prevent flame penetration and achieve a significant temperature drop. Materials are lightweight, easy to fabricate and capable of providing protection up to 2300°F. The FyreWrap product family provides proven systems to meet international and local fire standards and code requirements in the commercial building, transportation and manufacturing industries.

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