U.S. Aluminum

U.S. Aluminum

Since 1960, U.S. Aluminum has been developing an ever-expanding product line that has come to encompass a complete selection of high-quality aluminum architectural systems. Over fifty years of development have been poured into storefront systems, entrances, curtain walls, windows, sun control systems, hurricane and blast resistant systems, sliding doors, and window walls. Through precise engineering and testing in a variety of climate conditions, the company has improved upon their designs, resulting in architectural systems known throughout the industry as being innovative, durable, and reliable.


As a vertically integrated company with process control over everything from engineering to extrusions, fabrication to finishing, we have the experience and capability to produce high quality products on time at a competitive price. Our manufacturing facilities and service centers across the United States and Canada allow us to offer localized extrusions, paint lines, anodizing and fabrication.


U.S. Aluminum’s engineering staff constantly updates product design to satisfy the aesthetic values, structural integrity, performance requirements and economic concerns of today’s most demanding projects. All glazing systems are tested to the highest industry standards by certified independent testing laboratories. Comprehensive details, installation instructions and test reports are available for each system.


U.S. Aluminum provides architectural finishes through intercompany anodizing and painting facilities to meet any project requirements. You may select from a wide range of clear, bronze or black anodic finishes to custom matched Kynar 500® / Hylar 5000® painted coatings.


For more information on our products visit us on the web at www.usalum.com.

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