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With over 35 years of experience, Tri Tech, Inc. is a reliable source for handrail and metal fabrication services. Providing an unparalleled suite of capabilities, Tri Tech is able to work with a diverse set of materials while maintaining precise tolerances. With their comprehensive services, designs of any complexity can be brought to fabrication.

Tri Tech is able to construct and work with small and medium components, provide prototyping services, custom fabrication, engineering assistance, as well as delivery/installation services. Specific basic fabrication procedures include, but are not limited to: bending, CNC machining, curving, cut-off, drawing, extrusion, flanging, pressing, rolling, stamping, stitching, and welding. Many common engineering and decorative materials may be used, including aluminum, brass, carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, stainless steel cable, tempered glass, and nickel-silver. Tolerances on all materials can be held to ±0.0625."

Tri Tech's standard rail system allows for pipe, picket, shoe mount, cable, and glass grip features to be built in. Examples of frequently produced specialty railings include piperail, lintels, picket rail, ladders, fencing, troughs, gates, weir plates, and hatch covers. Railings may be up to 42" in height.

Tri Tech prides itself on preserving quality with all orders. Small to medium volumes are possible on lead times of four to eight weeks. Additional services, such as assembly, design, etching, painting, and refinishing may be provided. To learn more about Tri Tech's railing fabrication services, see the table below and contact them directly.

  • Picket Rail Systems:
    Picket rails are a practical solution where public safety and added protection are a concern, With varying designs, rails and barriers can still remain beautiful while still functional. Tri Tech picket rails can be designed to accommodate 4 inch or 6 inch picket spacings.
  • Cable Rail Systems:
    Cable rail systems maximize views and enhance a sense of openness around any design. They are a low maintenance railing that provides a sleek and elegant line for interior or exterior uses. Using industrial-weight, stainless steel cables, these rail systems provide safety and support without obstructing views.
  • Custom Extruded Aluminum Systems:
    Tri Tech fabricates custom extrusions which can be used to minimize visible welds in a rail design. These systems also utilize various "snap together" design which helps to reduce the cost of labor.
  • Aluminum Ladders:
    Whether the need is for access to elevator pits, paper mills, catwalks, or roof access, Tri Tech can fabricate ladders and ladders with cages to conform with all OSHA requirements.
  • Bollards and Site Amenities:
    Tri Tech fabricates bollards to suit a variety of architectural, security or even landscape needs. Whether designed from pipe or custom fabricated from stainless steel, Tri Tech can build to your specifications.
  • Custom Louvers and Sunscreen:
    An aesthetic enhancement to any building design, louvers and sunscreens can also help to reduce cooling costs or serve to conceal building elements where necessary.

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