Surface Elements

Surface Elements

The smart choice in terrazzo flooring.

Terrazzio is beautiful terrazzo, made with traditional marble, to present the warm pleasing variety of “nature” in a durable floor that will last the life of your building. Terrazzio is simply an ancient product, produced with modern techniques, in fresh colors and unique sizes to give the designer more options to create.

Terrazzio Benefits

  • Authentic Terrazzo
  • Large Format Tile
  • Install today, traffic tomorrow
  • Metazzio Feature Strips
  • Higher Quality Control of Tile over Poured in Place
  • 15 Standard Traditional Colors
  • Custom Colors Available
  • Custom Water Saw Cuts for Sweeping Curves and Logos
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Low Installed Cost
  • 20% Recycled Content
  • Building Lifetime Longevity

Terrazzio Art Work and Logo Design

Our 4’x4’ Terrazzio Tile and our 4’x8’ Terrazzio Panel provide large Terrazzio parts for logos or dramatic Terrazzio Art Work. Please contact us if you would like to incorporate a Terrazzio Art Work into your project.

Surface Elements
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