Super-Krete Products

Super-Krete Products is a division of Arizona Polymer Flooring (APF), a leading manufacturer of high-performance flooring products and concrete coating systems. Super-Krete products and systems are dedicated to decorative concrete and concrete repair solutions.

The Super-Krete brand is globally recognized for its quality, diversity and expert staff. For more than 30 years, Super-Krete has enhanced, protected and restored concrete installations worldwide. With successful applications under severe temperature cycles, such as the icy winters in the Czech Republic, to the extreme humidity of the Pacific Islands and the blazing heat of the Western deserts, Super-Krete sealers, stains, colors, bonding agents and surfacing systems have been proven to withstand time and nature. In addition to common residential and commercial applications, they have been used on Hollywood movie sets, Disneyland, Legoland, air force bases, airports, and even at the Vatican.

APF has manufacturing plants in California, Texas and Arizona and also provides the support and training to install all products.

Super-Krete Products
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