Spectra Group Companies

Spectra Group Companies

The Spectra Group Companies developed Spectra-Glaze® Block over 50 years ago and set the international standard for glazed finishes integrally bonded to concrete when it developed and refined Spectra-Glaze® block in North America and Europe. The Spectra Group traces its origins back to 1788 when Alexander Russell I formed Burns, Berry and Russell Brick Partnership. Today, the business is still operated by Russell family descendants.

In the early 1950’s, the Russell family expanded operations to include coatings, basic chemical research, additives, minerals, pigments, ceramic coatings for metal, and new polymer compounds. With the unique discovery of how to combine organic and inorganic molecules to form new substances, with superior properties, Spectra-Glaze® glazed concrete block was born. The Group’s glazed block introduced a new, innovative, colorful, high performance and cost-saving pre-finished concrete block that has been used to construct all types of structures throughout the USA, Canada and overseas.

The Spectra Group consists of affiliate technology operations that license the production of Spectra Glaze® concrete block and Rich Stone ground face block. The Group produces polymers, minerals, pigments, chemical additives, fire retardants and manufacturing equipment. The Group also conducts ongoing testing, establishes quality standards world wide and conducts applied research which has resulted in major innovations in wall design, new corner systems, colorants, light stable polymers, fire retardant chemistry, and stain resistance. It’s Spectra-Glaze glazed block wall surfaces provide the standard for glazed surfaces.

During our long history, of developing and producing masonry products, dating back to 1788, we provided hand made and machine made bricks to famous structures throughout Maryland and across the country, including the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Marshall Field House in Chicago, the Peale Museum, the B&O Railroad bridges, poet Edgar Allan Poe’s Historic home, the Baltimore Shot Tower and famous homes in New York and San Francisco. These historic uses remain today as landmarks to the group’s fine products, heritage, and quality.

At the Spectra Group and the Russell family companies, technology is developed and transformed through scientific research into innovative manufacturing systems, raw materials and finished products. The process of innovation led to the invention of glazed block, continuous improvement of Spectra-Glaze block, and leadership in the glazed block industry.

The Spectra Group and the Spectra-Glaze® Product Information Center is the coordinator for new plants, product information and licensing administration on a national and international basis.

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