Specified Technologies Inc.

Specified Technologies Inc.

At Specified Technologies Inc. (STI) we focus solely on the firestopping business. With over 25 years of firestopping experience, the founders of STI are committed to the development of innovative, reliable firestopping solutions. This is no small task considering the complexity of today's building construction and the increasing use of combustible penetrants. Marketed under the SpecSeal® and EZ Path brands , the STI product line is simple in design yet powerful in performance. The result is a low cost, outstanding fire protection system that is easy to install.

All our systems are third-party tested to the highest industry standards and provide the best "F" & "T" ratings in the business. They are also an excellent smoke seal because of their remarkable speed of expansion. Since the intumescent materials in SpecSeal® products are highly water-resistant you can count on maximum long-term performance.

The development of a line of products that would allow safe and effective sealing of nearly any through penetration could be considered nothing less than a work of art. We have mastered the art of firestopping.

Specified Technologies Inc.

At STI we are pushing the "Art of Firestopping" to a new level.

As evidenced by a number of recent well publicized fires, smoke and flames find their way through a building at an incredible speed. Even the best active fire prevention systems like smoke detectors, alarms and sprinklers, can be rendered ineffective by lack of power, water pressure, or improper maintenance. The result can be disastrous... loss of property, business, and worst of all loss of life. Because "Active" fire prevention methods can fail when they are needed most, the codes now require the use of "Passive" fire prevention systems known as "Firestopping Materials". Their purpose is to compartmentalize and contain a fire to its smallest possible area without the help of any secondary systems.

Specified Technologies Inc.

The current complexity of building design presents a daunting challenge when developing and engineering a safe and cost effective firestopping system. However, by applying a scientific approach to our product and system development, we at STI have effectively accomplished what many can only contemplate: Total system and product integration for a wide range of firestopping solutions.

Every product in the SpecSeal® product line was conceptualized with a specific purpose in mind. The goal: To provide the best solutions to simple firestopping problems... and the lowest installed cost to firestopping's most complex challenges.

But testing in a laboratory and application at a job site may be two very different things. The reality of building construction is that penetrants of various materials & trades can be found in the same openings and often times the penetrations are far from perfectly round or square. For companies who have products that cannot perform as well as ours, these would be insurmountable problems, but not for STI.

With an arsenal of the industry's most potent intumescent technology, and a line of synergistic, integrated products, STI can reduce your most complex firestopping situation to its simplest elements. Whether your firestopping applications consist of simple metallic pipes or combustible cables, pipes, or pipe insulation, the SpecSeal® system can handle them either individually or in combination with one another.

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