Royal Corinthian, Inc.

Royal Corinthian, Inc.

Royal Corinthian, Inc.


Royal Corinthian has been manufacturing porch columns, balustrade systems, and cornice in America for over 20 years. We specialize in fiberglass, FRP, synthetic stone, cellular PVC, and high density polyurethane products. Throughout the years we have added other products to realize our vision of being a porch products company that focuses on composite materials that last for generations.

We offer as complimentary products: corbels, brackets & dentil blocks, pergolas, wall panels, door & window surrounds, crossheads & pediments, domes, ceiling medallions, crown molding, dentil moldings, niches, and other millwork. Most of these millwork products are available in any of our 5 materials. We offer thousands of standard profiles, including one of the most versatile column & balustrade lines in the industry.

Our columns are some of the tallest and widest in the industry and our balusters and rails can be combined to create thousands of balustrade systems with varying heights, styles, and widths. We are the only manufacturer that offers a truly low-maintenance column and balustrade line where color pigment is infused into every particle of our matrix. We don’t shy away from custom products and welcome all inquiries.

With our in-house mold making capabilities, our custom products are fairly inexpensive. The majority of our products were originally custom so we encourage Architects to work with our architectural consultants to create profiles that fit the Architect’s aesthetic and functional vision or choose from one of standard profiles.

We are the only manufacturing company in our industry that has manufactured and installed our products: Installing the products you make gives you far more insight to the nuances that one might encounter on a jobsite so shop confidently and know that we are truly experts in the products that we make right here in America.


Royal Corinthian makes 4 types of composite columns that last for generations. We emulate the products of the Greeks and the Romans but using modern composite technologies to ensure longevity; therefore, we don’t offer materials that rot, crack, split, rust, or crumble.

We offer:

  • RoyalCast™ composite fiberglass columns
  • RoyalStone™ polymer stone columns
  • RoyaLite™ FRP spray-up and pultruded fiberglass columns and column covers
  • RoyalWrap™ cellular PVC column wraps

Every material offers certain application advantages: Click on the “Architectural Columns & Column Covers” in the left navigation menu to see the major differences between the 4 materials.


Royal Corinthian offers 3 structural balustrade systems made from composite materials that will last for generations. Our balustrades, which are comprised of balusters or spindles, top/bottom rails, newel posts and caps, decorative finials, and installation hardware, are available in RoyalCast™ composite fiberglass balustrades, RoyalStone™ polymer stone pre-finished balustrades, and RoyalThane high density polyurethane balustrades.

All of our balustrade systems are lightweight systems when compared to natural stone but some are significantly lighter than others. We are the only manufacturer that offers all 3 materials in the same styles so the same project can use our RoyalStone™ balustrades on the front porch and our lightweight polyurethane system on a rooftop that has weight restrictions. Click on “Architectural Balustrades” in the left navigation menu to see a comparison chart between the 3 materials as each system has application advantages that the other might not.


Royal Corinthian offers Entablature which is comprised of cornice, frieze, and architrave as individual components or as a combined unit.

Our cornice, which is often used independent of the frieze and architrave, is offered in 5 composite materials of which we favor two for their ability to achieve complexity fairly inexpensively: RoyaLite™ fiberglass or “FRP” cornice and RoyalThane™ high density polyurethane cornice both have the ability to forge complex shapes for budget sensitive projects. RoyaLite™ fiberglass cornice comes standard with marine-grade gel coat and integral lap joints and is available in paint-grade and prefinished options. Polyurethane cornice arrives primed ready for final paint-finish. We also offer cornice made from our RoyalCast™ fiberglass, RoyalStone™ polymer stone, and RoyalPVC™ cellular PVC.

Click on “Architectural Cornice” in the left navigation menu to see a comparison chart between the 5 materials.


Royal Corinthian offers architectural components for all of the materials that we manufacture. In order to be a holistic porch products company, we offer an assortment of moldings and millwork to complement each of our product lines.

We offer crown molding and trim, vented moldings for soffits, corbels & brackets, flat boards & sheets, dentil moldings & strips, ceiling medallions, domes, door headers, crossheads & pediments, wall niches, louvered gable vents & shutters, artificial beams and rafter tails, cupolas, ceiling panels and ceiling tiles, wall panels, decorative balls & finials, and various onlays & appliques.

Even though we offer all of these items in all of our materials, we don’t devote a subsection to certain products in certain materials as they are not as common as others. For example, we offer corbels from cast fiberglass and synthetic stone and even have many standard ones available; however, we will not be devoting a subsection to these items as consumers typically opt for FRP and polyurethane corbels.


Royal Corinthian offers pergolas and pergola kits made from pultruded fiberglass. We offer standard kits ranging from 12’ x 12’ to 16’ x 16’ from rafter tail to rafter tail.

Our kits come with round or square columns and in paint-grade or prefinished versions.

We make custom arbors at near standard prices so don’t hesitate to create the pergola that you envision.

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