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About RT Technologies

RT Technologies Inc. provides an extensive range of Laser Safety Products and Services for the Industrial, Medical, Research and Commercial Laser Users. Our company's primary mission is to provide our customers with extremely responsive, 'state of the art' solutions to their laser safety needs.

We do so by:

  • Serving as the Exclusive Sales Distributor for Lasermet LTD (UK) –offering their complete line of products and services for North and South America;
  • Providing custom laser consultancy for all industrial laser application needs and requirements;
  • Providing Certified Laser Safety Officer (CLSO) services to support US FDA, CFR, and IEC compliance.

RT Technologies

Laser Interlock Systems

Laser Safety Interlock Systems enable facilities to comply with industry best practice and regulations when providing laser users with a safe environment in which to operate hazardous lasers.

RT Technologies

Information and Warning Signs

RT Technologies offers a wide range of Illuminated and LED Signs for Laser Safety and Industrial Applications, including illuminated laser warning signs, room in use signs and access prohibited signs.

RT Technologies

Laser Enclosures

RT Technologies, Inc. designs, supplies and installs Class 1 Laser Product and Laser Control Area (LCA) enclosures for high power lasers used in industry and research.

RT Technologies

Laser Blocking Blinds, Curtains & Screens

Most Class 4 and many Class 3B lasers are dangerous and can present an eye hazard over very long distances; so physical barriers are required to keep the beam contained. We supply world class laser blocking materials which are extremely light weight and flexible.

Laser Product Certification

To sell products that contain lasers in the US and abroad, the required certification registration must be completed accurately and thoroughly. RT Technologies can make life easier by providing US and International laser product certification and registration services.

To learn more about how RT Technologies can help you and your business take advantage of the products and services we offer, call us today at 770-332-0092, or email us at contact@rtlasersafety.com

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