ROCKFON and Chicago Metallic have combined forces to offer complete ceiling system solutions. Our stone wool ceiling tiles, featuring superior humidity resistance and acoustic control, easy-to-install ceiling suspension systems and versatile metal ceilings are among the highest-performing, most cost-effective and time-efficient available in the market. Our ceiling systems combine outstanding performance with endless design possibilities.

  • Stone Wool Ceiling Panels
  • Specialty Metal Panels
  • Suspension Systems

Stone wool panels

ROCKFON stone wool ceiling panels are known for their beautiful aesthetics and key performance characteristics of superior acoustic control, fire protection, humidity resistance, durability and optimum light reflection. The range not only comprises a wide selection of tiles, it also features clouds, baffles and wall absorbers.

General Application:

  • Rockfon Pacific™
  • Rockfon Artic™
  • Rockfon Koral™
  • Rockfon Tropic™
  • Rockfon Alaska™
  • Rockfon Sonar™
  • Rockfon Sonar Activity™

High CAC

  • Rockfon Alaska™ dB
  • Rockfon Sonar dB™

Clean Room:

  • Rockfon Hygienic Plus™


  • Rockfon Medical Standard™
  • Rockfon Medical Plus™
  • Rockfon Medical Air™

Impact Resistant:

  • Rockfon Impact™


  • Rockfon Facett™
  • Rockfon Industrial Opal™ / Nature™ / Black™


  • Rockfon Color-all™

Baffles and Clouds:

  • Rockfon Contour™
  • Rockfon Multiflex™ Baffles
  • Rockfon Island™

Ceiling Suspension Systems

We provide a wide range of Chicago Metallic suspension systems for our ROCKFON acoustical and specialty metal ceilings. The very wide assortment includes great looking, high performance solutions (e.g. seismic, fire and corrosion resistance). They are the preferred choice of many contractors.

General Application exposed tee ceiling suspension systems including seismic, fire-rated and non-rated. Suspension is available in Intermediate Duty (ID) and Heavy Duty designs per ASTM C 635.

  • Chicago Metallic 200 Snap-Grid™ (15/16”)
  • Chicago Metallic 250/270 Snap-Grid™ Fire-Rated (15/16”)
  • Chicago Metallic 1200 Seismic Grid (15/16”)
  • Chicago Metallic 1250 Seismic Grid Fire Rated (15/16”)
  • Chicago Metallic 4000 Tempra™ Seismic Narrow Grid (9/16”)
  • Chicago Metallic 4050 Tempra™ Seismic Narrow Grid Fire Rated (9/16”)
  • Chicago Metallic 4500 Ultraline™ Seismic Bolt Slot Grid (9/16” with ¼” Reveal)
  • Chicago Metallic 4550 Ultraline 9/16” Exposed with ¼” Reveal
  • Chicago Metallic 4600 Ultraline™ Seismic Bolt Slot Grid (9/16” with 1/8” Reveal)
  • Chicago Metallic Perimeter treatments including Wall Angles, Reveal Wall Angles and Infinity™
  • Accessories for general and seismic applications

Special Application exposed tee ceiling suspension systems including seismic, fire-rated and non-rated systems for use in special harsh and controlled environments. Suspension is available in Intermediate Duty (ID) and Heavy Duty designs per ASTM C 635.

  • Chicago Metallic BarrierGrid® Premium Controlled Environment Gasketed Grid (1-3/8”)
  • Chicago Metallic BarrierGrid® Standard Controlled Environment Gasketed Grid (15/16”)
  • Chicago Metallic 260/280 Snap-Grid™ Fire Rated with Aluminum Cap (15/16”)
  • Chicago Metallic 1260/1280 Seismic Grid Fire Rated with Aluminum Cap (15/16”)
  • Chicago Metallic 660 Wide Face Seismic (1-3/8”)
  • Chicago Metallic 730 All Stainless Steel (15/16”)
  • Chicago Metallic 830 All Aluminum (15/16”)
  • Chicago Metallic 1830 HDG G 60 Steel/Aluminum Cap Fire Rated (15/16”)
  • Perimeter trim, Wall Angles, Reveal Wall Angles
  • Accessories for harsh environments and seismic applications

Drywall Suspension Systems for flat and curved drywall ceilings and bulkheads as well as SpanFast® time saving system for corridors and smaller spaces.

  • Chicago Metallic 640 Snap-Grid™ (1-3/8”)
  • Chicago Metallic 660 Stab Grid (1-3/8”)
  • Chicago Metallic 650 Snap-Grid™ Fire Rated (1-3/8”)
  • Chicago Metallic 670 Stab Grid Fire Rated (1-3/8”)
  • Chicago Metallic 640 Curved Radius system (1-3/8”)
  • Chicago Metallic SpanFast® Non-Fire Rated (1-3/8”)
  • Perimeter treatments including Infinity™ D
  • Accessories and access doors

Specialty Metal Ceilings

ROCKFON Specialty Metal Ceilings are designed and fabricated to exacting specifications and the highest manufacturing standards in our production facilities. They are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and finishes, and exist in to standard and custom configurations.

Curvilinear ceilings:

  • Rockfon CurvGrid™ One-Directional
  • Rockfon CurvGrid™ Two-Directional
  • Rockfon CurvGrid™ EZ-flex® Concealed

Linear Metal Ceilings:

  • Rockfon Planar®
  • Rockfon PlanarPlus®
  • Rockfon PlanarMacro®
  • Rockfon MacroPlus™

Open Plenum Ceilings:

  • Rockfon Magna T-Cell™ Open Cell
  • Rockfon Intaline™ Metal Baffles
  • Rockfon CubeGrid™ Open Grid
  • Rockfon BeamGrid™ Open Box Grid
  • Rockfon GraphGrid™ Open Cell Wire
  • Rockfon MetalScapes™ Wire and Expanded Mesh

Metal Panel Ceilings:

  • Rockfon Planostile™ Lay-in and Snap-in panels
  • Rockfon Traditions™ Embossed panels
  • Rockfon SpanAir® Clip-in panels
  • Rockfon SpanAir® Torsion Spring Panels

Security Metal Ceilings:

  • Rockfon Metaline™ Panels
  • Rockfon Securline® Planks

Perimeter Trim:

  • Rockfon Infinity™ Profiles for exposed tee systems
  • Rockfon Infinity™ Drywall Profiles for drywall systems


  • Rockfon SpanAir® Hook-in Planks
  • Rockfon SpanAir® Hook-on Planks

Custom Ceilings:

  • Applying perforated metals for sound control
  • Forming and finishing panels to create distinctive designs
  • Creating suspension systems for ease of installation, maintenance, and access to building systems
  • Code compliance

Customer Services

Order Samples and Literature

Standard product samples, literature and color samples are available from ROCKFON at no charge.

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Review Seismic Considerations

The Uniform Building Codes (UBCs) were developed to identify areas where the potential for seismic activity is high. However, good seismic design should be considered in all zones. Knowing that there is the potential for seismic activity is an important first step in any new design. ROCKFON can provide detailed design information to assist in selection of ceiling systems suitable to your application.

Request CEU/CES Courses

ROCKFON is a registered provider with AIA, USGBC, IDCEC, OAA and AIBC. We offer educational courses that address important issues for architects and design professionals.

Ask for Technical Support

Requests for technical information on ROCKFON Metal Ceilings may be placed with the Technical Services Department.

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