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QMI Security Solutions

QMI Security Solutions

QMI products are manufactured by QMI in Itasca, IL, USA.

QMI is the largest manufacturer of storm and security rolling shutters for residential and commercial markets in the USA and the Caribbean.

QMI products include:

  • StoreSafe® –entry security with vision transparency: enhances your brand during evening hours
  • CounterSafe® –counter security barriers: protects products and people without aesthetic damage
  • StormSafe® –hurricane, security, and sun protection: proven severe weather home protection
  • HomeSafe® –security, storm, and sun protection: provides peace of mind for your entire family
  • ProductSafe® –product security cases: protects commercial valuables from shrink

All QMI products receive rigorous intrusion testing to protect people and property.

StormSafe products all pass the "small missile impact test" to receive the most stringent High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) safety rating.

StoreSafe® Rolling Shutters – Storefront Security

Storefront Security Gates by QMI

Roll-a-way StoreSafe® products are designed to give the utmost in storefront security with unmatched aesthetics. All StoreSafe shutter systems deter intruders and protect valuable retail inventory. The different shutter styles provide a wide spectrum of investment level and views into the retail storefront. StoreSafe interior storefront shutters are often complemented with CounterSafe® or ProductSafe® shutter systems for further high-value inventory or pharmaceutical protection. Retailers have found 70% decreases in burglary attempts at their stores with the protection of StoreSafe storefront security gates.

QMI Security Solutions

StoreSafe® Solid Profile

Solid slat shutter curtains secure your business and property from intruders and prying eyes. They are available in single-wall, or double-walled slats for a little more energy or sound insulation. A patented end-retention system is available on most slat styles to further restrict them from being pushed or pried out of the sidetracks. StoreSafe® systems rolls into an industry-leading smaller coil, reducing the head room needed for the coil housing. Some solid slat shutter systems are also hurricane-rated. Widths up to 26'.

QMI Security Solutions

StoreSafe® Vision Profile

Our most popular curtain slat for the interior storefront windows, the AL7, is available with five different perforation patterns offering 24% to 39% vision into the storefront. Vision profile slats enable signage, window displays, and store displays to be viewed by future consumers, but let intruders know the store is well protected. The end-retention system is also provided with the vision slats to deter crow bar or sledge hammer forced entry. Widths up to 26'.

QMI Security Solutions

StoreSafe® Transparoll

Our transparent rolling shutter is true "Security with Vision." Secure your closed business and continue selling with 85 percent visibility. Made of premium, impact-resistant polycarbonate 6 mm thick, Transparoll shutters are 250 times stronger than glass of the same thickness. Transparoll is perfect for covering large spans for storefront security or dividing rooms. Widths up to 26 ft.

QMI Security Solutions

StoreSafe® Grilles

CD78 and CD900 Alulux storefront security gates are designed for high levels of security where visibility is still required. PVC inserts may be included for noise reduction. Visibility is 62% to 70% for grilles in this product family. As an added security upgrade, polycarbonate inserts and steel inserts are available. Limited stock colors. 150 custom colors available. Widths up to 12 ft.

QMI Security Solutions

StoreSafe® Security Mesh

Hi-tensile stainless steel mesh surrounded by a low profile frame is a 24/7/365 choice for security, and guards against glass breakage. Not much heavier than a traditional bug screen, this stainless steel mesh repels knives, crow bars, and projectiles. While security mesh does not roll up, there is an operable egress option where required. Custom template shapes are available: circle tops, arches, polygons, and triangles may be fabricated to conform to your building design.

QMI Security Solutions

StoreSafe® Accordion Shutters

Our StoreSafe® Accordion storefront security gates are available in solid panel, see-thru polycarbonate, and standard open grille patterns. Our accordion style shutter and grilles neatly stack in a closet, or wall pocket, and are perfect for those applications where very long spans are required, or there is limited headroom. Almost unlimited widths available. Tracks may be curved to follow radius storefront contours.

Who uses these products?

QMI offers six product lines to accomplish storefront security, partitioning space for public and private access, and securing valuable inventory. Storefront security with QMI is an attractive alternative to rolling steel doors. The products listed above are less intrusive then other security alternatives. The methods of installation, using aluminum support tubes and rails color matched to the storefront enable the shutters to virtually disappear during the day. Except for the solid storefront security gates, the other 6 products enable night time merchandising, but would be intruders will notice upon closer inspection that a store with QMI shutters is very well protected.

QMI's line of storefront security shutters are commonplace at cell phone stores, electronic stores, pharmacies, jewelers, government buildings, and retail stores in hurricane prone areas. The solid storefront security gates are hurricane approved in Florida, Texas, and all coastal areas when properly mounted to the exterior side of the storefront glazing.

Most retail interior storefront installations are positioned on the inside of the glazing due to landlord restrictions. Those restrictions actually make intruder access more difficult than if the storefront security gates were mounted on the outside. Rolling steel doors mounted to the exterior offer the potential intruder unlimited time to bypass the security barrier without fear of the alarm triggering and forcing quick action. Once an alarm triggers, burglars have 1-2 minutes to do their business. Interior storefront shutters make that quick entry and exit virtually impossible. View the retailer installation video to see how shutters are installed and also witness the shutters being smash tested with a 12 pound sledge hammer by four men. The video also demonstrates the interior storefront before and after the shutter installation to see just how unobtrusive the QMI shutter system is once installed.


QMI was established in 1986 by the Miller family. What began as a simple, modest business has grown to become one of the largest U.S. manufacturers of storm and security rolling shutters for residential and commercial markets.

QMI is an acronym for Qualitas Manufacturing Inc., the company's original name. Qualitas (pronounced "kwal-e-tas") is Latin for "quality." While the Miller family changed the name for easier pronunciation, it still represents the premium products and the level of extra care, attention and service we give to each customer.

With more than 20 years in the business, QMI has earned its reputation as one of the nation's top suppliers of high-quality shutters. We have a dealer and installation network throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. We also distribute shutter parts to other manufacturers throughout North America.

As the company grows, it continues to expand its line of products. In 2008, QMI branded its line of storm and security shutters under the Roll-a-way name.

Roll-a-way dealers are located throughout the eastern and gulf coasts, plus most Caribbean Islands. QMI dealers and installers are located throughout North America.

Roll-a-way (Tampa/Ft. Meyers/Ft. Lauderdale/Miami) CGC1518149
Roll-a-way Distinctive Products (NW Florida) CBC1251824, (Coastal AL) AL 41468, (Coastal MS) MS 17930-SC


Copyright© 2009 QMI Security Solutions, Inc. Roll-a-way is a trademark of QMI. StormSafe® is a registered brand of QMI. To meet building codes listed, specific mounting provisions may be required.

QMI Security Solutions
1661 Glenlake Ave.
Itasca , IL 60143
Tel: (630) 529-7111
Fax: (630) 980-6364
Tollfree: (866) 980-1744
Web site: http://www.qmiusa.com

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