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As a leading global glass manufacturer, the NSG Group provides one of the broadest ranges of glass products available in the world today. Pilkington products help control energy usage, protect against fire, insulate against noise, provide safety and security, afford decoration and privacy, incorporate self cleaning properties and are used in all-glass facades.

Continuous innovation ensures the development of Pilkington glass products that meet the needs of customers in North America and the global marketplace. Pilkington glass plays a significant role in reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Glass also helps control the flow of heat, UV rays, and glare while letting light into a building, ultimately increasing the overall comfort and productivity of its occupants. The NSG Group is committed to being at the forefront of these developments.

The Pilkington brand is synonymous with flat glass manufacturing excellence and pyrolytic coating innovation. The NSG Group has a reputation for leading many important technological advances in the glass industry, including the float process, now the world standard for high quality flat glass production. We understand the need to develop sustainable products and reduce negative impacts on the environment. Our goal is to manufacture innovative, energy efficient, sustainable products that save on utility costs, reduce environmental impacts and harness alternative energy sources, such as the sun.

Float Glass

The float glass process was invented by Pilkington and sets the world standard for the production of high quality glass. It is manufactured by melting sand, soda ash, dolomite and limestone together and produces a continuous 12-foot wide glass ribbon. The molten glass flows from the furnace and "floats" over a bed of molten tin. It is then carefully cooled to anneal the glass a process that minimizes the internal stresses enabling it to be cut.

The Pilkington float glass process is renowned for flatness and optical clarity. The glass product is available in clear, tinted, high performance tinted, ultra-clear low iron and textured glass.

Coated Glass

On-line pyrolytic hard coatings are produced by depositing microscopically thin layers of metallic oxides by the chemical vapor deposition process during float glass manufacturing. This process produces extremely durable coated products that can easily be handled, transported, and processed. These products typically combine low-emissivity, solar control, and can also provide a wide range of properties from low reflection to self-cleaning. The NSG Group is an industry leader in pyrolytic coating technology.

The Pilkington Pyrolytic Advantage

Whether you select Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™ Reflective Solar Control Low-E, Pilkington Solar-E™ Solar Control Low-E or Pilkington Energy Advantage™ Low-E Glass, you'll have the benefits of Pilkington patented hard coat technology and the very practical advantages that it brings to every project.

Most low-e glass is produced by applying a special coating to sheets of finished glass in a process called sputter coating. These "soft coat" products have some limitations. The coating can be scratched or damaged, and can potentially deteriorate with exposure to air, giving the product a limited shelf life. Much of the fabrication process, including bending and tempering, must often be done before the glass is coated. Edge deletion is usually recommended for soft coat insulating glass units.

But Pilkington low-e glasses are manufactured by a patented process that exposes hot glass to chemical vapors during the actual float glass production, where they bond to the glass on the molecular level.

Having a hard "pyrolytic" surface fired on at over 1200°F, pyrolytic products are durable, bendable and post-temperable. In addition because the pyrolytic surface doesn't degrade like a sputtered coating, it can be warehoused locally for availability, reducing project lead times across the country and around the world.

Our Sustainability Initiative

The NSG Group has been proud to be the technological leader in glass manufacturing for many years. Whether it's improving processes such as float glass manufacturing, advancing coating technologies, or our wide range of Solar and Thermal Control glass products, The NSG Group is proud to lead in areas of environmental concern, sustainability and green building initiatives.

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