Penco Products, Inc.

Penco Products, Inc.

Penco's Storage Solutions

Penco Products offers a wide variety of products for all types of storage. General information and in some cases specifications appear on each of the screens presented here. For more information, contact the Penco Marketing Services Department for a free catalog on the product or products in which you are interested.

A. Lockers

Penco lockers come in many configurations and sizes. From single tier lockers to 16 person lockers, they are ideally suited for schools, health clubs, health care, employees, emergency responders or wherever personal storage is required. Door frames are welded for rigidity to insure a long life. Standard construction includes an electrostatically-applied powder coat finish in your choice of 24 standard colors (2 colors for most ‘Full Feature’ lockers for Textile Rental Services). Many options and accessories are available such as closed bases, slope tops and locks. Details on the following locker types can be found in the product screens at the left.

  • Vanguard Lockers
  • Guardian (Standard, Medallion & Plus) Lockers
  • Invincible II Lockers
  • All-Welded Lockers
  • Angle Iron Welded Lockers
  • Stadium® Lockers
  • Patriot® Lockers
  • Rapid Response Duffel Lockers
  • Full Feature Textile Rental Service Lockers

B. Clipper® Shelving & Erectomatic® Shelving

Clipper Shelving is one of the most versatile steel shelving products available anywhere. It comes in open and closed configurations. It features Hi-Performance® box beam construction shelves for a high strength to weight ratio. Compression shelf clips easily allow changing the shelf position on 1" vertical centers. Box Posts in the front of units and Offset Angle Posts at the rear allow utilization of the full width of each shelf. Many accessories are available such as dividers, closed bases, modular drawers, doors and more. Clipper is ideal for standard heights, high-rise applications and multi-level installations.

Erectomatic Shelving uses the same Hi-Performance shelves with a post system that includes Beaded Posts in the front and Offset Angle or T-Posts in the rear. For extra heavy duty or high-rise applications, Erectomatic Heavy Duty H-Posts are available. Shelves adjust on 1-1/2" vertical centers. A complete assortment of accessories is available.

C. RivetRite® Shelving

Penco RivetRite assembles virtually without hardware, using a simple rivet and keyhole design principle. It is the ideal framing product for wood, particleboard or wire shelves. RivetRite is constructed of posts and beams. The posts are either angle or tee constriction, and the beams come in single rivet and double rivet designs. It is useful for all types of storage including records storage. RivetRite can be constructed into a multi-level installation.

D. Wide Span Shelving

Penco Wide Span is the perfect choice for storage of hand-loaded items that are high, wide or bulky. Assembly is quick and easy. Beams lock into slots on pre-welded rigid upright frames. Steel shelves can be used, or wood shelf decking can be used with special beams. Wide Span is available in widths from 48" to 96", and in a wide variety of depths and heights.

E. Pallet Rack

Penco Pallet Rack is a simple and efficient way to store palletized items. Upright frames are available in 5 load ranges, are welded for rigidity, and are available up to 240" high (20') in a one-piece assembly. Beams come in 8 different capacity configurations, so there is a beam & frame combination that is ideal for any load. Many accessories are available such as cross bars, row spacers and wall brackets.

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