Par-Kut International, Inc

Par-Kut International, Inc

Portable Steel Buildings – Standard & Custom Specifications


Manufacturing high quality portable steel buildings is Par-Kut International's only business. Since 1954, Par-Kut's experience, total commitment to excellence and exceptional customer services has brought us to be known as the leading manufacturer of standard and custom factory-assembled steel buildings in the parking and security industry.

Par-Kut International, Inc

Par-Kut offers many standard designs that work quite well for typical applications when selected accessories are added and the resources to create the unique or custom building(s) when a more aggressive appearance or application is in demand.

Par-Kut International, Inc

Buildings can be as small as 3' x 4'2" and as large as what will legally fit on a flatbed truck. Some super-size units are pre-engineered and fabricated into sections that are bolted together on-site quickly (by installer). Additional enhancements may include placing the booth on a Trailer, Stand or Tower. The eyebolt in the roof of a Par-Kut building allows for overhead lifting. Or, a forklift can be used to move the booth.

Par-Kut’s single unit welded steel construction buildings are rugged, versatile and architecturally attractive. Our heavy duty welded galvanized steel construction ensures years of trouble free use. Par-Kut’s “Replacement Parts Program” ensures customers have everything needed to maintain 100% booth performance at all times.

  • Cashier
  • Attendant
  • Gas Island
  • Bus
  • Inspection
  • Passenger
  • Security
  • Shuttle
  • Ticket
  • Smoking
  • Toll
  • Spectator
  • Valet
  • Transit
  • Vendor


  • A.T.M. Enclosures
  • Information Kiosks
  • Campground Contact Stations
  • In-Plant Offices
  • Canopies
  • Man Traps
  • Concession Stands
  • Park Entrances
  • Control Cabs
  • Sally Port Check Points
  • Dock Master Offices
  • Scale Houses
  • Gate Houses
  • Stairway Covers
  • Guardhouses
  • Turnstile Enclosures
  • Gun Surveillance Towers
  • Weigh Stations
  • Gun Tower Cabins

  • Par-Kut International, Inc

    Accessories and Customizations:

    • All Par-Kut buildings are manufactured to the most current standards and comply with UBC, IBC, NEC, Energy Codes, ADA compliance, U.L. and N.I.J. Bullet Resistant classifications, and most individual “State Building Compliance Programs”.
    • Every Pre-Fabricated “Standard” Style building starts with: UL classified factory installed electrical system, glazing on all sides with screened vent windows, sliding aluminum door with lock, welded in-place galvanized steel counter with pull out drawer, 1500w Heater, light with lamp, duplex outlet, Circuit Breaker Panel with breakers included for factory installed equipment, and building is painted inside and outside one single color from the Par-Kut standard Epoxy Acrylic paint chart.
    • Your application calls for more…. Par-Kut offers:
      • "PRESIDENTIAL" Style – Upgrades to the standard style with: Standing Seam Roof, Overhang increased to 6", Crown molding @ soffit, Colonial style window mullions, Raised Rib wall treatment, Large Base trim, Steel sliding door, and Acrylic lens Light fixture with Wall switch.
      • "PARVUE" Style – Upgrades to the standard style with: Glass to Glass corner design, Increased size Fascia to 12", Glazing Increased to ¼" thick safety tempered, Steel framed glazing which extends all the way to the soffit, Steel sliding Door, Recessed Light fixture with Wall switch, and deeper counter.
      • "CURVUE" Style – Upgrades to the standard style with: Curved end(s) with Polycarbonate glazing, Steel sliding Steel door, Acrylic lens Light fixture with Wall switch, and Deeper counter.
      • "CENTRY" Style – Upgrades to the standard style with: Radius corners applied to the Booth and Fascia, Steel sliding door, Acrylic lens Light fixture with Wall switch and deeper counter.
      • Restrooms – Standard 3’ x 5’ Size or ADA Compliant, Include Steel Privacy Door, Lavatory & Trim, Water Closet & Seat, Water Heater, GFCI Outlet, Mirror, Light & Exhaust Fan controlled with a Light Switch, Coat Hook mounted on wall, Dispensers (Paper towel & Toilet Tissue), Stainless Steel Grab Bars (ADA Units), Stainless Steel Backsplash.
      • Bullet Resistant Protection – Par-Kut is a Key supplier in the industry of Ballistic Enclosures. Ballistic materials are Tested & Certified by "Underwriters Laboratory" (U.L.), "National Institute of Justice" (N.I.J.), or H.P. White Laboratory. Bullet Resistant Enclosures are prefabricated to meet the desired protection level stipulated by the customer. Select from UL Level I (MPSA=Medium Power Small Arms) to N.I.J. Level IV (HPR=High Power Rifle, using Armor Piercing Rounds).

    • Still need more…. Customize your own Design:
      • Roofs – Standing Seam, Stacked 12"-1"-12" or Step Fascias, Larger overhangs and/or Fascias, Tiled, Shingled, Parapets, Mansards, Single sloped, Barrel, Gables.
      • Glazing – Clear tempered safety glass, Laminated, Insulated, Polycarbonate, Tinted (all levels), Reflective, Mirrored, Wire Glass.
      • Windows – Clear anodized aluminum frames, Steel frames, Colonial Style Mullions, Cashier Windows (Top Hung, Roller, Vertical opening, Energy saving), Ticket (Including Speak thru Tubes & Deal Trays/Drawers), Ventilation with Screens, Removable & Padlockable Security Screens, Shutters, Roll up Doors.
      • Exterior Walls – Standard painted steel, Raised Rib, Prepped for Brick/Stone, Panelbrick, Stucco / EIFS, Siding, Graphics applied, Custom Design, Stainless.
      • HVAC – Heaters (Surface mounted fan forced, Baseboard, Infra-Red, Water), Air Conditioners (Thru wall, Roof, Split Pack), Combination units, Exhaust fans.
      • Counters – Galvanized Steel, Stainless, Plastic Laminated, Exterior/Interior Shelves, Drawers, Custom cabinetry (to specifications).
      • Doors – Sliding Type (Aluminum & Steel), Steel Swing, Roll-up, Storefront, Hydraulic closers.
      • Electrical – UL classified factory installed electrical system, Single or Three Phase, Explosion Proof systems, Outlets, Phone Jack Preps, Blank Raceways & J-Boxes (future customer use: Gate controls, Cameras, Card Readers, Sensors, Alarms…), Separate Circuits, Circuit Breaker Panels include Breakers for all factory installed equipment, Wire Mold, Transformers, External Power Cords, Generators.
      • Flooring – Galvanized Steel / Aluminum 4-way Safety Diamond Treadplate, Plywood and Tile or Vinyl, Rubber, Carpeted, Anti-Fatigue Mat, Base (Insulated, Stainless Steel, Fork Lift Pockets).
      • Lighting – Interior & Exterior (weatherproof), Surface mounted, Recessed, Vandal Resistant, Dimmable, Traffic Control Lights, Fluorescent, Flood, Incandescent, HPS, Metal Halide, Quartz.

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