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Signature Folding Doors

Signature Folding Doors

  1. White Ash
  2. White Maple
  3. Red Oak
  4. Frostex™ White
  5. Woodtex® Wheatwood™
  6. Woodtex® Honeywood™
  7. Woodtex® Sablewood™

Panelfold Folding Doors

Signature® wood folding doors, with the designer's touch, lend uncommon convenience to residential and contract applications. Featuring panels and panel connector mouldings of the same materials, Signature doors blend with traditional or contemporary decor.

  • Strong laminated 4-9/16" (116mm) wide wood panels
  • Wood veneer or vinyl surfacing
  • Matching panel connector mouldings
  • Decorative extruded aluminum track
  • Double nylon wheels
  • Touch-bar™ positive latches and jamb mould

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