Otis Elevator Company

Otis Elevator Company

Otis is the world’s leading manufacturer of elevators, escalators and other people-moving equipment. For 150 years Otis’ intelligent design and superior technology have won the confidence of architects and developers in over 200 countries and territories around the world.

From the Eiffel Tower to Chicago’s Hancock Center, from the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur to suburban office parks and healthcare facilities throughout North America, Otis has collaborated with the world’s most renowned architects and developers. Otis technology continues to evolve, enabling the next generation of builders to shape our landscapes and extend our skylines.


Otis.com features interactive web-based tools designed to meet specific user requirements. Developers of high-rise commercial buildings can access Otis products and services designed for that market. With Architect’s Assistant, architects can select from various layouts, specifying tools and cab designs. With e*Service, maintenance customers can get up-to-the-minute information about their elevators’ service and performance. Otis.com is your personal link to the world’s largest elevator company.

HydroFit Machine-roomless, holeless hydraulic elevator system

Otis applied the full strength of its engineering resources and created the HydroFit system, an innovative hydraulic elevator system that eliminates the need for a machine room and allows all critical components to be contained in the hoistway. The result is a system that frees up valuable floor space and supports your design vision in a way that only Otis can.

Gen2 Machine-Roomless Elevator System

Otis re-examined every aspect of the elevator – from design and installation to operation and maintenance – to create a smart, compact system that offers its customers significant improvements over current hydraulic and geared systems. Experience the benefits the Gen2 Elevator system including: flexible, space-saving configuration; environmentally friendly regenerative drives; smooth, quiet performance; and proven reliability.


Let Otis upgrade the look and performance of your existing elevators The Otis modernization process is designed to minimize building disruption during installation. Our approach is based on detailed planning, accountability throughout the process and constant communication from start to finish. When Otis turns over your newly-modernized elevator, it will be covered under the renowned Otis service plan. Advanced product, efficient installation and a proactive service team: only Otis can deliver this level of quality.


Otis’ OMMS® maintenance is a system tailored specifically to your environment, equipment and needs. Otis’s standardized work practices and predetermined task scheduling provide for the right maintenance at the right time – today and for the extended life of your equipment. If there is a concern outside of the regularly scheduled maintenance, building owners and managers can have Instant online access to important information about your elevator system, and the ability to place and track service calls — 24 hours a day. eService gives you the information you want when you want it and control and confidence in the service of your building's elevators, escalators and moving walks.

Otis Elitesm

With Otis Elite service, response time is accelerated and downtime is minimized. We guarantee our Otis Elite team will analyze your elevator within 15 minutes of a call and we’ll deliver up-time levels of 99%.

What’s more, Otis Elite service is placing unprecedented control in the hands of building managers, allowing them to reach new levels of efficiency. With our state-of-the-art technology – backed by a dedicated Elite service team – we’re taking the worry out of managing your elevator. We want to be your expert, your resource, and your trusted advisor

Horizontal Transportation

Otis Transit Systems Inc. offers a complete range of automated people movers and monorails. These economical products cover distances from a few hundred feet to several miles, and provide links between buildings and remote parking facilities. System capacities are available from a few hundred to several thousand passengers per hour. Where hillside access is required, inclined systems offer a rapid and scenic solution. For more information contact your local Otis office or call 1-800-PPL-MOVR.

Quality Assurance

A program of rigorous testing ensures the reliability and longevity of Otis components. To ensure optimum performance after travel from factory to job site, Otis uses a vibration chamber to test components’ shock tolerance. To ensure the equipment functions properly in your environment, Otis puts components through environmental-endurance testing in temperature and humidity chambers that exceed components’ typical exposure. Otis also tests components in a thermal-shock chamber where they are exposed to high and low temperature extremes every 30 minutes for 200 hours. The use of an electromagnetic interference and radio-frequency interference (EMI/RFI) chambers enable Otis to design components that cause minimum electromagnetic interference and have minimum susceptibility to it. These tests also help Otis minimize radio-frequency interference and emissions.

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