We have been working for people for over 80 years. That is why we know how important an individualised solution, adapted to the special needs of each project and customer is.

Our philosophy is not limited to launching a product onto the market. We go further and provide the best solution for the different problems that arise in the facilities with locking systems and in the management of them.

We are very aware that, in some sports facilities, the changing room is a key element. Where personal belongings are kept is intimate. Our mission is to offer perfect locks and locking systems adaptable to any type of need and furniture. We work every day to improve our products and services. An approach that promotes creativity and gives Ojmar a competitive edge to offer our customers added value.

It is important that the clubs understand that locking systems are not only used to allow users to save their belongings.

In Ojmar we go much further, offering solutions that are integrated with access control, fitness equipment (Technogym, among others), payment systems, etc. Because a well-implemented technology facilitates management, increases security, controls user traffic, and saves time and consumables.

A good system manages to adapt to the reality of a facility and evolves according to the needs that arise, to be more efficient each day. The data it provides us with gives us a better understanding of the club and contributes to good planning of future centres.

The objectives are multiple: promoting fluid traffic, monitoring traceability, comfort… In short, the aim is to generate a positive experience in management and daily use, making the customer loyal.

Ojmar is a leading company in the development and manufacturing of locking solutions for furniture. It is now the market leader in Spain, and is a major player in international markets.

Our service concept results in a management model based on client needs. It covers from the initial idea to its marketing including its development and manufacturing. Our commitment to design and customised solutions based on latest technological advances provides our customers with high added value.

Over half of Ojmar’s turnover comes from exports. Our growing expansion in other continents has resulted in the opening of offices in the United States and China.

For Ojmar, being present means making higher quality and more reliable products, to answer different levels of need and demands. The requirement for this is a clear differentiation from the competitors offering increasingly personalised solutions.

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