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Serving The Glass Industry Since 1910

May we be of service to you? We can help you with your Service Window needs - horizontal and vertical sliding service windows, transaction trays, mail slots, speak holes, and horizontal sliding fire windows. Leading architects specify and insist on the use of Nissen & Co., Inc. products which are extensively used throughout the United States. Our products are built to meet architects’ specifications. Special sizes and special finishes are available. The name "Nissen" has been synonymous with high quality in the building trade for over 100 years.


CONSTRUCTION: Our sliding service windows are surface mounted – no obstructions or grooves in the counter. The bottom channel of vertical and horizontal sliding windows are fitted with a wool pile seal on the active sash and screen for counter contact.

MATERIAL: Frames and glass channels are of heavy type 6063-T5 aluminum extrusions. Our frames are the highest quality and sturdiest in the industry.

SCREENS: Standard brite aluminum. Optional fiberglass and bronze aluminum screens are available upon request.

FINISH: Anodized 204R-1 clear alumilite is standard. 215R-1 Clear, anodic hardcoat colors, or white baked enamel are available on special order. Resin-based finishes, such as Kynar, are also available.

GLASS: Sliding Service Windows can have 1/8” to 1/2" glass thicknesses to match window specifications and operation. Tempered, tinted, laminated and other glass options are available on request as well. Glazing is extruded vinyl bead. NOTE: Sliding Service Windows can be ordered without glass or "Frames Only" for glazing by the customer.

LOCKS: Sliding bolt or pin type locks are standard. Please specify type of lock desired. Optional key type locks are available at extra cost. NOTE: sliding bolt locks are not available on "BP" series windows.


"Special Orders Are Our Specialty"... We will gladly manufacture any special sizes and configurations you may require including transom windows and combinations of fixed windows and sliders in numerous configurations to meet your most difficult requirements. Security alarms and sash balances for the larger windows are available. The special orders will be manufactured in the same time as standard items. Special size pass through windows are provided at no extra cost.

Steel Frame Fire Windows come standard with 1/4” wire glass or optional Firelite glass. Fire Windows have fire resistant rating of 45 minutes in wall construction of masonry, wood, or steel studs per report number 2781, as tested under fire tests of window assemblies, A.S.T.M.E. 163-65 and National Fire Protection number 257-70.

BULLET RESISTANT GLAZING: Bullet resistant glass – 1-1/4" bullet resistant plexiglass, and 3/4" "Lexgard" is available in all stationary and registration window systems.

SHIPPING: All glazed windows are packed in wooden crates. Unglazed windows are shipped in cardboard cartons.

All shipping charges are "freight collect," unless prior arrangements are made.


Place complete frame and window assembly on counter between mullions. Attach to mullions by countersinking concealed screws through channel walls.

SURROUND DETAIL: If window frame must be sealed into wall opening, an optional "Surround Frame" is available on special order that provides easy installation and removal of the complete window assembly for servicing. Mullions and counters by others.

REMOVABLE SASH CHANNEL: A special removable frame is available on special order for Series "C," "BP," or "D" windows.


When you place an order or request prices, there are several items we must know to provide you with the proper product and the right price. Please check the following items carefully so that we may serve you better.

  • What series window or type of product do you need? Refer to our catalog or price list for Stock No’s, or contact us for assistance.
  • Provide us with the dimensions - width and height of each window.
  • List all of your requirements for Type of Lock, Finish, Glass:


  • Slide Lock
  • Screw/Pin Lock


  • Key Lock


  • 204R-1 Clear Anodized Aluminum

Optional Finishes:

  • Medium Bronze
  • Dark Bronze
  • Black
  • Powder Coat
  • Baked Enamel
  • Kynar
  • White


  • Frames Only
  • Tuff-Pak For
  • DSB Glass
  • 1/4" Plate
  • 3/16" Crystal Glass
  • 1/4" Wire Glass
  • 1/8" Plexiglass
  • 1/4" Plexiglass
  • 1/4" Lexan
  • 1/4" Tempered
  • 1/2” Insulated
  • Other

If you require custom counters or special "Bullet Resistant" items, we will require a dimensioned drawing or sketch. Just FAX or email it!

Submit required measurements: Width, height, configuration, finish and glass type. Let us build your custom windows to meet your requirements.

SIMPLIFY YOUR ORDER... "Just FAX or email it"

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Send your drawings or sketches any time and eliminate misunderstandings and wrong quotes.

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