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R-4990 Heavy Duty Trench Frames with Grated or Solid Covers

MATERIALS: All frames and grates are furnished standard in Gray Iron, Class 35, for heavy duty use. For extra heavy use, see Airport Trenches.

Designs in this series are being used successfully in subway construction, intersecting elevated highways and underpasses, airport hangar doors, ramps and other special purposes.

R-4991 Light Duty Trench Frames with Grated or Solid Covers

Standard Cover Types

Grated and solid covers shown at right are usually manufactured in standard maximum lengths of 24". They can be furnished in fractional sizes to fit any overall trench-length required. When ordering R-4990 or R-4991 trench drains, specify type of cover. Lift holes or handles are furnished on type D and E covers for trench widths larger than 10".

OPTIONAL - Bolted Down Covers

In areas of fast heavy traffic, and in locations where vandalism is a problem, covers are frequently bolted to frames.

Grates and lids are bolted to frames with stainless steel cap screws.

Read Carefully Before Ordering

The various standard trench drains shown here are available with a number of alternates illustrated at right. It is important to examine all of the variables carefully and specify fully your requirements. Your order will be entered correctly and promptly, if it includes this information:

  1. Complete catalog number.
  2. Frame end pieces, when required.
  3. Type of grate or lid: A, C, D, E or P.
  4. Length of trench.
  5. PERMA-GRIP surface if required.
  6. When extremely heavy loading is expected, such as concentrated fork-lift loads, heavy aircraft, etc., refer to Airport Trench section.
  7. Special dimensions, such as changes in trench direction, etc. Send details.
  8. Pickholes or lift handles if required.
  9. If trench drain grates are to be installed in bicycle traffic areas, please advise so that safety standards can be applied.

The schematic drawings at right identify basic dimensions only and do not apply to all cover designs. Bar and rib depths, plate thicknesses, and seating widths, may vary on different sizes and styles. If your project has design restrictions, ask for approval drawings.

Standard Support Frame

Frames manufactured in standard maximum lengths of 36". Fractional frame sections can be furnished to produce a trench drain of any overall length. When necessary, frames can be closed at ends by specifying end frame sections.