MobilFlex Folding & Rolling Closures

MobilFlex closures are widely specified for use within enclosed retails and public environments. For instance: retail malls, airport terminals, superstores, in-store concession, counter top & bar, bank lobbies & ATM areas, kiosks railway stations, ferries, ports marinas, museums, schools, and public buildings.

In fact wherever people and space need to be separated by a simple, secure screen system, MobilFlex has a solution for all your security needs.

MobilFlex Folding & rolling closures, Inc.

Since 1988, MobilFlex has been manufacturing reliable security closures.
With offices in the USA, Canada & Europe, along with a network of experienced installers, MobilFlex offers complete service – everywhere.
Call our architectural department for design guidelines.

Our grilles and closures are ideal for storefronts, banks, airports, schools, hospitals, "behind glass" protection and any public building requiring security.

For 3-part specifications, see Technical Specifications section.

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