Sauna Heaters and Controls

McCoy Sauna Heaters and Controls

Sauna Heaters and Controls

The Heart and Soul of your Sauna

McCoy heaters are a combination of modern, European design, and are of the highest quality materials. McCoy heaters are designed to optimize the sauna experience and are the "heart and soul" of your sauna. All McCoy heaters and controls are UL or ETL listed to ensure safety and reliability. A large rock capacity, with rocks in direct contact with the heating elements, ensures a "soft heat" and "soft steam" (steam is created by sprinkling water on the pre-heated rocks). McCoy heaters are constructed of rust resistant materials.

Sauna Heaters and Controls

Junior Heater

For small saunas and tight spaces, the Junior heater combines great European design with easy-to-use digital technology. For saunas up to 150 cubic feet.

  • Use with SaunaLogic digital control
  • Wall mounted
  • 25lbs. of vulcanite rocks
  • 26"H × 11 1/2"W × 8"D
  • 2.1kW and 3kW
  • Stainless steel construction

Sauna Heaters and Controls

Designer B Heater Series With Built-in Controls

The 'B' series has built-in controls (front, left or right side of heater). Wall mounted; for use with saunas up to 425 cu. ft.

  • 23"H × 16 1/2"W × 11"D
  • Includes 50 lbs. of Vulcanite sauna stones
  • Stainless steel outer shroud, stainless steel elements, black anodized aluminum top
  • Built-in controls include thermostat and 9+1 timer — with nine hour pre-set time delay, plus one hour operating time
  • Controls are mounted on the front of heater, but can be moved to the left or right side for user convenience
  • 4.5kW, 6.0kW, or 8.0kW
  • For sauna rooms ranging from 100cu. ft. to 425cu. ft.

Sauna Heaters and Controls

Designer S Heater Series With Separate Controls

The 'S' series is combined with separate, wall mounted controls — to optimize the sauna experience. Wall mounted, for use with saunas up to 425 cu. ft. Designer S to be used with SC series controls

  • 23"H × 16 1/2"W × 11"D
  • Includes 50 lbs. of Vulcanite sauna stones Stainless steel outer shroud, stainless steel elements, black anodized aluminum top
  • Use with separate controls (SC-series)
  • 4.5kW, 6.0kW, or 8.0kW
  • For sauna rooms ranging from 100 cu. ft. to 425 cu. ft.

Sauna Heaters and Controls

Digital Heater Series

Durable, reliable, and modern are just a few of the characteristics of the digital heater series. The programmable digital controls make this one of McCoy's top heater series.

  • Similar in features to the Designer S heater series, with internal electronics added
  • Use with DC60 digital controls

Sauna Heaters and Controls

PRO Series Heater — Floor Standing

McCoy's Professional Series heater is designed for the rugged environment of commercial saunas. Floor standing, constructed of rust resistant materials, it is attractive, yet extremely durable. With 140 lbs. of rocks in direct contact with the heating elements, the heater provides soft gentle heat, and soft gentle steam. For saunas up to 950 cu. ft. Pro Series Heater to be used with SC or Digital Pro Controls

  • 27"H × 20"W × 22 1/2"D
  • Includes 140 lbs. of Vulcanite sauna stones
  • Stainless steel elements, junction box and top
  • Stainless steel outer shroud
  • Remote control panel (SC-series)
  • Use with contactor box R1 or R3
  • Floor standing
  • 10.5kW, 12.0kW, or 14.4kW
  • For sauna rooms ranging from 390 cu. ft. to 950 cu. ft.

Sauna Heaters and Controls

Octa Heater Series – Model: Octa (10.5, 12.0, and 14.4 kW)

McCoy's eight sided, floor-standing heater brings outstanding design and superb performance to larger saunas. Finished on all sides, the heater can be placed in the middle of a sauna, in a corner, or mid-wall. Its 132 pound rock capacity provides soft heat, soft steam and extremely uniform temperatures. Available in 10.5, 12.0 and 14.4 kW. Floor standing. Use with separate control SC or Digi Series and with separate contactor box. Stainless steel construction.

Sauna Heaters and Controls

McCoy Speciality Heaters

Misty Heater Series

The Misty offers multiple sauna environments — from the drier and hotter traditional sauna, to the lower temperature, more humid "soft sauna." The steam generator is an integral part of the sauna heater. The water supply for the steam generator can be plumbed directly into the unit, or the tank may be manually filled. With the special trough on top of the steam generator, users may also easily add fragrances such as eucalyptus for aromatherapy.

  • 6.0kW or 8.0kW sauna heater w/built-in 2.0kW steam generator
  • 23"H × 16 1/2"W × 14 1/2"D
  • 50 lbs. of Vulcanite sauna stones
  • Wall mounted, use with separate "Misty" controls
  • For sauna rooms ranging from 175 cu. ft. to 425 cu. ft.

Sauna Heaters and Controls


As the name "SaunaTime" suggests, this sauna heater is ready for use at all times. Developed to recreate the sauna conditions of ancient wood-burning saunas (lower temperatures, huge rock mass, lots of humidity), its most notable benefit is the soft, moist steam, which comes from the depths of the extra large rock compartment.

  • 34"H × 15"W × 19"D
  • Separate handheld digital control panel mounted inside the sauna (2 1/2"W × 5 1/2"H)
  • Low wattage range ("always on" mode): 135W, 225W or 360W
  • Booster element power range: 4.4kW and 5.8kW
  • For saunas 175 cu. ft. to 425 cu. ft.

All McCoy Heaters and Controls are UL or ETL Listed


Junior 2145100210017.51201SaunaLogic19
Junior 3070150300025.01201SaunaLogic19
Junior 3070150300012.52401SaunaLogic19
Designer 4.5B100210450018.82401Built-In32
Designer 6.0B175310600025.02401Built-In34
Designer 8.0B250425800033.32401Built-In35
Designer 4.5S100210450018.82401SC Series32
Designer 6.0S175310600025.02401SC Series33
Designer 8.0S250425800033.32401SC Series34
Designer 8.0S-3250425800022.22083SC Series34
Digital 4.5100210450018.82401DC6032
Digital 6.0175310600025.02401DC6033
Digital 8.0250425800033.32401DC6034
Misty 6.0175310600025.02401SM53
Misty 8.0250425800033.32401SM53
Pro/Octa 10.539060010,50043.82401SC Series or Digital-Pro68
Pro/Octa 12.051074012,00050.02401SC Series or Digital-Pro70
Pro/Octa 14.463095014,40060.02401SC Series or Digital-Pro75
Pro/Octa 10.5-339060010,50029.22083SC Series or Digital-Pro68
Pro/Octa 12.0-351074012,00033.32083SC Series or Digital-Pro70
Pro/Octa 14.4-363095014,40040.12083SC Series or Digital-Pro75
SaunaTime 44175310440018.32401Built-In110
SaunaTime 58250425580024.22401Built-In110
SaunaTime units operate on 130, 220, or 350 Watts for continuous power

Sauna Heaters and Controls

SC-9 Control

Control with 9+1 timer (60 minutes operating time with nine hour delay), thermostat, light switch and indicator light. Electronic thermostat allows control to be mounted almost any distance from the sauna room. Use with Designer S series heaters and Professional series heaters.

Sauna Heaters and Controls


Same as SC-9 except with standard 60 minute timer


Same as SC-9 except with on/off switch instead of a timer. For use in commercial saunas, only if an attendant is on duty.

Sauna Heaters and Controls

SM Control for Misty

Designed for safety and convenience, the Misty control includes: timer, thermostat with sensing probe, light switch, and three knobs for selecting traditional sauna, lower temperature sauna with steam generator activated, or steam only.

Sauna Heaters and Controls

DC60 Digital Sauna Control

Control displays room temperature and time remaining. Adjustable three button panel includes on/off, temperature setting, and time setting. Standard finishes include white, chrome or brass. Flush mounted. Use with digital heater series. Control must be mounted outside of sauna room. 3 3/16"H × 4 7/8"W × 1/4"D.

Sauna Heaters and Controls

Digital-Pro Commercial Digital Sauna Control

Seven-day programmable control for use with McCoy's Professional Heater series. Features include: start time and operating time for each day of the week, operating temperature, clock, fan and light switch, tamperproof lock-out feature, and an integral audible hi-temp alarm. Flush mount, 6"H × 5"W × 1/4"D.

Sauna Heaters and Controls

SaunaLogic Control

Easy-to-use, 24-hour programmable control, for use only with McCoy Junior Heater. Adjustable time and temperature, on/off buttons for interior and exterior lights. Surface mount, 8.75" × 5.75" × 1"D.

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