Major Industries

Major Industries

Major Industries is your one-stop source for energy-saving daylighting solutions, and has been manufacturing quality daylighting products for more than three decades.

Major specializes in translucent panel skylights and wall systems, and is the only manufacturer with three distinct translucent panel product lines – LightBasic value-engineered skylight and wall systems, Guardian 275® skylights and wall systems with maximum versatility, and Clima-Tite translucent panel wall systems with pultruded fiberglass framing for enhanced thermal performance. Translucent panel systems offer numerous benefits over traditional glass glazing, including being lighter in weight, more insulative, better at controlling glare and hot-spots without expensive shading devices, and are more cost-effective. Translucent systems also provide a high level of privacy and security for facilities like hospitals and schools as they block direct lines of sight.

For those that demand views to the sky, we also offer Auburn® skylights that feature more traditional glass glazing as well as mixed glazed systems that offer the benefits of translucent panels with the dramatic views of glass.

From simple pre-fabricated single slope skylights to curved translucent canopies to complex custom polygons, we have a solution that’s right your project’s demands. We also manufacture specialty systems like hurricane and blast protection, removable skylights, and translucent adapter panels that fit into existing curtainwall framing. No matter what your design, we will work with you to find a high-performing wall or skylight system that will fit both your needs and budget.

History + Innovation

Founded in 1980 in Wausau, Wisconsin, Major Industries has long been recognized as a leader in the translucent daylighting industry. When you choose Major Industries for your next project, you’re backed by state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing systems, a dedicated team of daylighting specialists, and an attention to customer satisfaction that’s unmatched in the industry - from the initial quote through the engineering stage to final installation and beyond.

While Major has grown in size, we remain focused on being a custom daylighting manufacturer, we take great pride in our work and the products we design and manufacture. Over the past 30+ years we’ve made considerable investments to improve the lines of communication, reduce lead times, and maximize product performance. From our partnerships with some of the top material suppliers in the world to a focus on providing a complete system solution to your daylighting needs, our goal is to supply you with the best performing skylight or wall system available.

Major has also taken innovative steps to make the quoting process faster and more user-friendly. In the past, custom-made building products were "priced" or estimated manually with labor-intensive methods - Major Industries was the first company in the commercial daylighting industry to computerize the bidding process with the development of SkyPrice, an online quote system. SkyPrice allows users to get fast, accurate, and guaranteed quotes in a significantly reduced amount of time compared to traditional methods.

Our Commitment

Daylighting has become an integral part of 21st century design and green building practices, and Major is committed to developing the highest quality, most reliable and most advanced daylighting systems available. Our goal is to provide you with an unsurpassed custom skylight or translucent wall system that both enhances the overall performance of your building and benefits the occupants who utilize the space.

Whether you have a project with a unique daylighting challenge, need to fill an opening with a highly insulating daylighting panel, or simply want to know more about what benefits translucent panel systems can provide, please visit us online or contact us via email or phone. We look forward to hearing more about your next project, and assisting with your daylighting needs.

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