MP Global Products LLC

MP Global Products LLC

MP Global Products was founded as Midwest Padding LLC in 1997. The earlier years focused primarily on manufacturing quality synthetic carpet cushion. Our entries into the flooring industry guided us to the research and development of acoustical underlayments for hard surface flooring. Our QuietWalk® brand rapidly became a leading upgrade underlayment in the laminate flooring industry.

We think of ourselves as problem solvers, and the success of QuietWalk® led us to develop other innovative products specifically geared to address moisture protection, sound deadening, and sustainability. Most of the underlayments we manufacture are constructed using pre-consumer recycled fibers. Through our manufacturing process, MP Global mixes these materials with a small amount of virgin feedstock to produce a high performance product.

In addition, we have products that meet the most rigorous indoor air quality standards. All of our environmental claims are independently certified.

Increasingly more architects and designers specify and recommend underlayment products from us. Whether it be for a home, office, high-rise apartment complex or condominium. Little by little, we're making the world a quieter and more comfortable place to live, and the environment all the better for it!

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