Horizontal Glass Wall Systems—Modernfold GWS Systems

Horizontal Glass Wall Systems—Modernfold GWS Systems

Transition is clear with Modernfold GWS Moveable Glass Walls.
Create an open floor plan and provide natural light with a Modernfold Glass Wall System. Architects and interior designers can include the elegance and confidence of glass in their corporate, retail, and entertainment projects. Standard systems come with clear glass. For custom specifications, you can choose from a variety of options. For your next project, explore the possibilities of clear space division with Modernfold Glass Wall Systems.

  • Standard moveable glass wall system comes with clear glass.
  • Standard glass options include smoke gray, bronze, etched, and silkscreen.
  • Custom glass solutions are available.
  • Maximum height is 120-inches (3048 mm).
  • Maximum panel width is 48-inches (1219 mm).
  • Maximum panel weight is 330 pounds (150 kg).

By providing large glazed areas with distinctively curved transitions top and bottom, the Compactline arc adds harmony to the overall appearance.

  • Straight line, angled, or curved configurations.
  • No visual interruptions due to continuous glass frontage.
  • Full wall panels with corner and angled panel layout.
  • Single and double pass doors available.
  • All working parts are integrated in the profiles creating a seamless look
  • Lightweight for ease of operation.

Due to its single-point fittings, Metalline offers the elegance of an all-glass appearance.

  • Small clearance between panels and track.
  • Flush-mounted single-point fittings.
  • Mounting and locking functions performed by single device.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Unlocking protection to prevent unauthorized opening.

The panels of the 100SR-G form a continuous, transparent surface without vertical trim.

  • Top and bottom door rails give the panels stability.
  • Ideal for space division with visibility and security.
  • Panels can convert to a pass door.
  • No vertical trim.
  • Combinations of straight, angled, or curved configurations.

DRS Innovative design, quality materials, and the finest workmanship mean that DRS rails have the features that meet the most demanding conditions.

  • On-site size adjustability and glass replacement.
  • Snap-on covers.
  • Glass thickness of 3/8-inch (10 mm) or 1/2-inch (13 mm).
  • Standard maximum height 120-inches (3048 mm).
  • Standard maximum width 48-inches (1219 mm).
  • 2-year warranty.

The characteristic features of HSW-GP systems are the single-point fixings of the glass panels in combination with a conventional track rail profile.

Folding sliding walls are ideal for a straight-line system configuration.

The panels of an FSW-C system have trolleys located in the center of the panel. This is an alternative for confined spaces as the stacked panels take up only half the space inside and out.

Stack configurations available to fit your requirements.

  • Solve even the most complex challenges with Modernfold’s #17G steel track.
  • Ensure the ultimate in smooth operation with the G-150 aluminum track.
  • Reduce operation confusion with #17G or G-150 tracks utilizing Smart Track technology.
  • Provide the most flexible space possible with a variety of stack configurations.
  • Apply multi-directional, center, offset, or remote stack to your Glass Wall System.

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