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Multi V™ IV Heat Pump 460V

Multi V IV Heat Pump 460V

LG's Multi V systems are designed to provide the owner the benefit of VRF - lower operational costs, minimal or no duct work to install, tenant comfort with individual zoning, high efficiency - while maintaining architectural integrity. The latest generation, Multi V IV, includes many new features designed to enhance system operation.

Multi V™ IV Heat Pump 460V


  • Available in 208-230V and 460V with sizes ranging from 6 to 42 tons
  • AHRI 1230 certified
  • Cooling range: 14 to 122ºF DB
  • Heating range: -13 to +61ºF WB
  • High Side Shell (HSS) Inverter DC Scroll Compressors in all outdoor units improve system efficiencies; dual inverter compressors in larger models
  • Vapor Injection maximizes heating capabilities through two-stage compression of refrigerant
  • Compressor speed range: 15Hz to 150Hz for better partial load operation
  • High Pressure Oil Return (HiPORTM) features a separate inlet pipe from the oil separator to the compressor, returning oil directly to the compressor--mixing oil and refrigerant is reduced
  • Smart Oil Control adds a sensor to the compressor for direct oil level sensing; oil recovery cycle is only initiated when level is too low, eliminates timed oil return cycles
  • Optimized defrost for your locale: Choose Full Unit and/or Split Coil operation single frame outdoor units
  • Full System and/or Split Frame Defrost added to heat pump outdoor units
  • Higher elevation piping distances: indoor unit to indoor unit elevation height differential up to 131 feet maximum
  • No common pipe necessary in dual and triple heat pump systems allows for easier installation
  • Compact size footprint where space is a premium

Multi V™ IV Heat Pump 460V


Frame SeriesModel NumberBTU (Cooling / Heating)Voltage
Single FrameARUN072DTE472,000 / 81,000460V / 60Hz / 3ø
Single FrameARUN096DTE496,000 / 108,000460V / 60Hz / 3ø
Single FrameARUN121DTE4120,000 /135,000460V / 60Hz / 3ø
Single FrameARUN144DTE4144,000 / 162,000460V / 60Hz / 3ø
Single FrameARUN168DTE4168,000 / 189,000460V / 60Hz / 3ø
Dual FrameARUN192DTE4192,000 / 216,000460V / 60Hz / 3ø
Dual FrameARUN216DTE4216,000 / 243,000460V / 60Hz / 3ø
Dual FrameARUN240DTE4240,000 / 270,000460V / 60Hz / 3ø
Dual FrameARUN264DTE4264,000 / 297,000460V / 60Hz / 3ø
Dual FrameARUN288DTE4288,000 / 324,000460V / 60Hz / 3ø
Dual FrameARUN313DTE4312,000 / 351,000460V / 60Hz / 3ø
Dual FrameARUN337DTE4336,000 / 378,000460V / 60Hz / 3ø
Triple FrameARUN312DTE4312,000 / 351,000460V / 60Hz / 3ø
Triple FrameARUN336DTE4336,000 / 378,000460V / 60Hz / 3ø
Triple FrameARUN360DTE4360,000 / 405,000460V / 60Hz / 3ø
Triple FrameARUN384DTE4384,000 / 432,000460V / 60Hz / 3ø
Triple FrameARUN408DTE4408,000 / 459,000460V / 60Hz / 3ø
Triple FrameARUN432DTE4432,000 / 486,000460V / 60Hz / 3ø
Triple FrameARUN456DTE4456,000 / 513,000460V / 60Hz / 3ø
Triple FrameARUN480DTE4480,000 / 540,000460V / 60Hz / 3ø
Triple FrameARUN504DTE4504,000 / 567,000460V / 60Hz / 3ø

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