Invisible Structures, Inc.

Invisible Structures, Inc.

Stormwater Management and Environmental Concerns Since 1982

Invisible Structures, Inc. provides the finest, environmentally friendly products for site development. Our products can help you ease costs, control stormwater and add aesthetic value. Our flexible porous (permeable) pavers –Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 – can be used in fire lanes, "green" parking lots, grass or gravel driveways, ADA and heavy truck access roads, and pedestrian and multi-use trails. Our underground stormwater storage system – Rainstore3 – is possible the most flexible to design and most versatile to use retention, detention or harvesting (gray water for reuse) system. Slopetame2 is unique in the erosion and sediment control market –integrated rings, bars, grid and fabric give the best immediate and long term protection for the price. Draincore2, geosynthetic drainage layer, provides unprecedented water conveyance and air infiltration while maintaining strength – perfect for green- roofs, athletic field drainage, french drains, planters, and retaining wall drainage.


Our product line can enhance your LEED™ project with recycled content, urban heat island mitigation, reduced site disturbance, stormwater control, and more.

Made in the USA

Our entire product line is manufactured and assemble in the USA from 100% recycled content.


We are located in beautiful Golden Colorado - 1600 Jackson Street, Suite 310. Our warehouse is located at 15845 E. 32nd Ave., Aurora, CO 80011.

Invisible Structures, Inc.
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