The Hollaender Manufacturing Company

The Hollaender Manufacturing Company

Hollaender® Manufacturing: Your Handrail Source

All Hollaender products are made with pride in the USA.


All Hollaender products are available throughout the USA. Products are also available for international export – contact Hollaender for information.

Product Range

Hollaender® manufactures a wide array of component (sometimes called mechanical) aluminum railing systems in both handrail and guardrail designs. Hollaender® component railing systems combine anodized or powder coated aluminum frames in either our Speed-Rail® or Interna-Rail® designs with a variety of infill panels to offer a solution that is extremely non-corrosive and at the same time aesthetically attractive. Glass as well as steel infill panels are standard offerings.

For industrial, non-public access applications, these same systems can be provided in 2-line or 3-line configurations as well.

  • Railing system meets ADA, IBC and OSHA codes
  • Non-corrosive
  • Component-based (non-welded)
  • Cost-effective alternative to welded steel
  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of reconfiguration
  • Low maintenance vs. welded steel

The frame can be designed with Speed-Rail® slip-on fittings for a more industrial look, or Interna-Rail® internal fittings for a more architectural look. Metal infill panels are available in several options. Finishes available are architectural mill finish, clear anodized, or a myriad of powder-coat colors. 3/8 " glass infill is also available in tempered or laminated.

The Hollaender Manufacturing Company

Railing Design and Components

  1. Mounting Flanges – top mount, side mount, & core mount.
  2. Infill Panels – horizontal rails, perforated metal, pickets, wire woven mesh and glass infill.
  3. Panel Retention System – one and two piece panel clips are designed specifically to secure these infill panels in either our Speed-Rail® or Interna-Rail® railing systems.
  4. Retrofit Handrail System – uses 146 retrofit panel connectors with infill panel to upgrade existing 2 or 3 line rail to code.


"Industrial Chic" slip-on style fittings, popular in lofts, industrial applications, store fixture applications, etc...


For applications which require a sleek architectural design and finish.

ADA Rail

Handrail system designed to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Bumble-Bee Safety Rail

The solution for all your demanding safety rail requirements.

The Hollaender Manufacturing Company

The Hollaender Advantages

Infill Panel Railing Systems

  • A wide variety of infill panel options – glass infill (NEW), as well as various patterns in perforated metal, square or diagonal wire mesh, and component picket.
  • Anodized aluminum pipe and fitting components combined with steel infill panels that have been electrocoated (4-step process that adds a layer of anti-corrosion material) as well as powder coated provide a handrail system that will provide years of service with little or no maintenance.
  • Component aluminum systems use no welding and inherently cleaner looking than welded aluminum systems, especially when anodized. Strength of aluminum is reduced by 60% at the weld.
  • Glass or composite infill panels increase the flexibility of these railing systems.
  • Ease of Installation – Hollaender Interna-Rail® systems come in prefabricated sections of up to 20 ft., and install rapidly in place. Speed-Rail® systems can be shipped prefabricated, or as a "kit of parts".

Industrial (OSHA-coded) Railing Systems

  • Speed-Rail® is the system of choice in this market. Systems are shipped with 24 ft. sections of pipe that are cut to length on site.
  • No need for shop drawings.
  • Railing is super-easy to reconfigure on site if drawings are not correct and something does not fit.
  • Speed-Rail® 535.0 aluminum magnesium alloy components can be used with any other metal (steel, stainless steel, etc...) with no fear of dissimilar metal reactions.

Aluminum Alloy 535 (Speed-Rail® components)

  • Most corrosive resistant aluminum casting alloy available.
  • High strength as cast.
  • Bright, attractive architectural tumbled finish.
  • Conforms to ASTM B26 & B179.

Proprietary Internal/External Reverse Knurl Cup Point Set Screw

  • Knurl cup point design provides tremendous resistance to loosening due to heavy vibration.
  • Full contact of point greatly resists pull out and rotational slip.
  • Conforms to FF-S-200, ANSI/ASME B18.3 Type C/G.

Trademark Notice

All are registered trademarks of the Hollaender Manufacturing Company:

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