SunGuard SNR 43 Glass

SunGuard SNR 43 Glass

Neutral color on clear glass with a low 0.23 SHGC.

As more states adopt stricter energy codes, architects face an increasingly difficult challenge: How do you strike an acceptable balance between the performance of glass and the aesthetics of its appearance? The solution is to specify one of Guardian's growing selection of SunGuard Advanced Architectural Glass products. With a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of 0.23 on clear glass and a pleasing neutral appearance, SunGuard SNR 43 high performance glass is another way Guardian helps you Build With Light.

Performance that exceeds what the codes require.

The codes are getting tougher. Both ASHRAE 90.1-2010 and the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) require a maximum 0.25 SHGC in zones 1-3 for any window-to-wall ratio up to 40%. But SunGuard SNR 43 high performance glass has them beat with a super-low SHGC of 0.23 on clear float glass (even lower on tinted glass), and a high Light-to-Solar Gain (LSG) ratio of 1.88. The result is lots of natural light, low heat gain, and exceptional energy savings.

A true hybrid low-E coating.

The Performance shouldn’t come at the expense of appearance. With SunGuard SNR 43, it doesn’t. Despite the low SHGC, it’s neutral in color, presenting a light silver exterior appearance and medium reflectivity that truly brings the glass to life. And for large areas of glass, the vision-to-spandrel match characteristics are excellent. For even greater design flexibility, SNR 43 is available on five float glass substrates: clear, UltraWhite, CrystalGray, Green and TwilightGreen.

SNR 43 at a glance

  • Excellent solar control: 0.23 SHGC
  • High light-to-solar gain ratio: 1.88
  • Meets or exceeds energy code requirements
  • Thousands of dollars in potential energy savings
  • Helps projects qualify for LEED credits
  • #2 surface coating
  • Available through the Guardian Select network of independent fabricators to meet tight project deadlines
  • SNR 43 must be supplied as heat-treated glass by a Guardian Select Fabricator

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