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SunGuard Advanced Architectural Glass

Building with light. That's what SunGuard Advanced Architectural Glass from Guardian is all about. Our comprehensive range of coatings, colors and design solutions allows architects to explore fully the aesthetic and functional possibilities of light — both interior and exterior — while meeting complex energy and performance requirements. Drawing on the cumulative expertise of glassmakers and production teams throughout the world, Guardian continually applies science and cutting-edge technology to the development of new SunGuard products that expand the limits of performance. This level of commitment extends locally to independent SunGuard Select™ Fabricators, who are trained and certified by Guardian to provide high-quality coated glass products. In these pages you will see the many ways Guardian helps architects build some of the world's most innovative buildings. With light.

SuperNeutral® Series

SuperNeutral products deliver high light transmittance while reducing solar heat gain. Their neutral appearance is the most similar to clear uncoated glass.

  • SN 68
  • SN 54
  • SNX 62/27
  • SNX 51/23
  • SNR 43

High Performance Series

SunGuard High Performance Series glass delivers medium to high visible light transmission and moderate reflectivity along with maximum energy savings that meet or exceed energy code requirements.

  • Neutral 78/65
  • Neutral 61
  • Neutral 50
  • Neutral 40
  • AG 50
  • AG 43

Solar Series

The SunGuard Solar Series consists of high-performance, solar-reflective coated glass products that specialize in blocking heat.

  • Silver 20

Both deliver energy efficiency that meets or exceeds energy code requirements.

Specialty Float Products

Guardian offers several specialty float commercial glass options to expand your design possibilities:

  • UltraWhite
  • Clear
  • CrystalGray
  • Gray
  • TwilightGreen
  • Green
  • SatinDeco
  • MidnightGray.


Many SunGuard products can be laminated to meet a wide variety of project requirements, including sound attenuation, safety, security, and hurricane protection. Contact Guardian for help with your project.

Spandrel HT

Curtainwall and structurally glazed designs often require the use of spandrel glass to achieve a designer’s vision of the finished project. Guardian Industries is now producing a new high durability, lead-free, heat-treatable back-painted glass. Spandrel HT brings improved uniformity and appearance to spandrel glass with a higher opacity and less potential for streaking; the result is a smooth, matte finish.

To harmonize or contrast with the vision glass area and provide long lasting beauty to your architectural projects, SunGuard Spandrel HT is available in three commonly specified colors: white, warm gray and black.

SunGuard Select Fabricators

SunGuard Advanced Architectural Glass products are produced at several U.S. locations and are distributed through a nationwide network of independent SunGuard Select Fabricators. These fabricators have completed a rigorous certification process administered by Guardian. SunGuard Select Fabricators offer comprehensive glass fabrication for commercial projects and typically are able to cut, heat-treat, insulate, laminate, silkscreen and produce spandrel glass. In addition, some Select Fabricators can bend SunGuard coated glass for more complex designs. SunGuard Select Fabricators provide glass samples for mock-ups and typically offer fast-track delivery. To locate a SunGuard Select Fabricator near your project site, visit

SunGuard Glazier Connection

Guardian’s Glazier Connection quickly puts you in touch with glazing contractors that are experienced in installing Guardian high performance coated glass for commercial applications, including all types of facades: curtainwalls, windowwalls, punched openings and commercial windows, spandrel glass, storefronts, and much more. Guardian Glazier Connection members work seamlessly with our Guardian Select Fabricator network of glass fabrication companies to provide you with quick turnaround and expertise, so your project can be completed on time.

To locate a Guardian Select Fabricator or Glazier Connection member near your project site, visit

Innovation and Technical Support

USGBC LEED Specification Using SunGuard SuperNeutral Series, SunGuard High Performance Series and SunGuard Solar Series glass products can be an important part of obtaining LEED certification in four credit categories: Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, Indoor Environment and Innovation and Design Process. For a copy of our LEED Brochure, call 1-866-GuardSG (482-7374) or visit

Web Resources at Guardian provides several easy-to-use online tools and resources to help architects specify SunGuard products on our Web site at These include a searchable commercial building project database, a SunGuard performance comparison tool and a SunGuard Select Fabricator locator.

3-Part Specifications Guardian's SunGuard specifications in standard CSI 3-part format are available from your Guardian Architectural Sales Manager (ASM) and at In addition, PRODUCT MASTERSPEC™ is available on the SunGuard Web site and, for AIA members, on the quarterly updated AIA MASTERSPEC®CD-ROM.

AIA/CES Presentations Guardian participates in the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System (AIA/CES) by providing seminar presentations, some of which qualify for Health, Safety and Welfare credits. Whether you are interested in basic commercial glass knowledge, glass from an energy conservation perspective or current applications for laminated glass, we can provide you with helpful information regarding design using glass. Call 1-866-GuardSG (482-7374) or your local SunGuard Architectural Sales Manager (ASM) to arrange a time and place for a seminar presentation.

Technical Support Hotline: 1-866-GuardSG (482-7374)

For technical or product information, please call us. Some areas where we can help are:

  • solar, thermal or acoustical performance of coated glass
  • computer-based wind load and thermal stress analysis program
  • product availability and specification information
  • architectural sample boxes and 12" x 12" samples

For more information on SunGuard advanced architectural glass products visit or call (866) GuardSG.

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