Nu-lok™ Roofing Systems Featuring Greenstone Slate®

Greenstone Slate® Vermont Architectural Roofing Slate

No other roofing material has the natural beauty and durability of slate!

Slate roofs, using genuine Vermont slate, offer a unique elegance and an aesthetic appeal regardless of the application. Greenstone Slate’s 58 quarries have produced exceptionally fine quality stone for roofing slate for more than a century, and only Greenstone-trained craftsmen work the quarried slate. The geological conditions in the Vermont region when its slate was formed resulted in some of the world's strongest, highest density slate. In fact, Greenstone's slate comes with a 100-year warranty* -- a warranty that no other roofing material comes close to matching (*ask us for our detailed warranty statement). Greenstone’s manufacturing/production facilities are continually being updated and expanded with the latest technology in slate manufacturing and efficient raw material retrieval. This has led the Greenstone Slate Company to become a principal producer of colored slate roofing worldwide. Visit to learn more about the manufacturing process.

Direct benefits of slate as roofing material

  • Slate is natural stone -- more durable than any man-made material and proven to be the 100-year roof.
  • Fire resistant – slate is completely non-combustible.
  • Waterproof. It will not absorb water.
  • Weather resistant including withstanding damage from hail.
  • Enhances building value with its aesthetic properties and with long lifespan.
  • Green product - lowers net energy costs with its insulating capability and lasts many times longer that other roofing materials, potentially keeping four or five worn out asphalt roofs out of landfills.
  • Requires little or no maintenance.
  • Resistant to climatic/seasonal changes.
  • Impervious to fungus and mold.

Slate roof applications

  • Residences
  • Schools and universities
  • Government buildings
  • Churches
  • All types of institutional structures where longevity is critical

The natural color and texture of slate creates a unique and beautiful roof. Greenstone Slate® is available in a variety of:

  • Colors
  • Thicknesses
  • Surface textures
  • Roof textures

Visit our for detailed information on the variety of Vermont slate colors available including large swatches and slate color combinations.

Slate outperforms all man-made roofing materials – the 100-year roof - making it the ideal green roofing solution

Advanced materials technology has generated some new roofing materials over the years, but slate remains the clear leader in creating the world's longest lasting and most trouble-free roofing material. It is a dense material that slowly and evenly stores heat and then releases it gradually, helping to stabilize interior temperatures. Termed as the 100-year natural roof, a slate roof potentially keeps four or five worn out asphalt roofs out of landfills. It is the standard by which all other roofing materials are compared.

Greenstone Slate® featuring Nu-lok Slate Roof Installation System

Nu-lok Roofing System, a completely new method for slate roof installation for a lightweight, walk-able genuine slate roof.

Nu-lok was developed as a system in the 1980’s by an Australian roofing contractor. Today, thousands of Nu-lok roofs have been installed worldwide. In 2003, Vermont’s Greenstone Slate Company recognized the benefits of the Nu-lok installation system and the two companies formed an alliance to introduce a new, much more efficient way create the highly regarded slate roof—without the weight and using far less material. Nu-lok uses genuine Vermont natural slate but uses a simple grid system to fasten the individual tiles. Nu-lok USA and Greenstone are both headquartered in Poultney, Vermont, where Greenstone’s slate quarries are also located.

A Greenstone Slate® roof with a Nu-lok installation makes sense from every standpoint. You have all the benefits of a traditional slate roof and gain additional benefits by using Nu-lok system for installation. These include:

  • New ease of installation
  • Lower overall slate roof cost - less slate used compared to traditional installation methods
  • Easy maintenance and roof access
  • Nu-lok SolarRoof integrated solar panel option for reducing the structure’s carbon footprint can be added at any time
  • Miami-Dade County hurricane zone rating for both Greenstone slate and the Nu-lok installation system.
  • A better overall environmental impact than the vast majority of synthetic or man-made roofing solutions.

Both Greenstone Slate® and Nu-lok Installation System are Miami-Dade approved.

Greenstone Slate® and the Nu-lok installation system have been tested and accepted in Miami-Dade County, Florida for use as a roofing material in all areas including hurricane zones.

Integrated Solar Solutions

Photovoltaic solar panels have been developed that integrate directly into the Nu-lok slate roof. Nu-lok’s SolarRoof technology beautifully combines natural slate with solar panels. The Nu-lok SolarRoof panel system is modular so it is possible to plan ahead for a solar future; it can be installed or expanded upon anytime.

Slate Building Cladding — An innovative approach

Greenstone Slate® , using the Nu-lok installation system, offers the longevity, aesthetic appeal, low environmental impact, excellent building serviceability, thermal protection—and, with Miami-Dade County acceptance, the necessary tolerance to wind and earthquakes for a comprehensive stone cladding solution.

Slate Roof and Slate Cladding Technical Support

Nu-lok and Greenstone Slate® provide comprehensive technical support for slate system installations. Technical documentation is available for installation techniques.

The Greenstone Slate Company is dedicated to quality service and superior technical support

For more than half a century, we have built our reputation on product consistency, excellence in slate manufacturing, and expert technical back up of slate roofing contractors. We are always ready to help make the installation match the quality of the slate! We advise contractors on tried and true slate installation methods as well as the latest technology in slate installation materials and slate accessories.

Greenstone, a leader in crafting Vermont roofing slate, and has shipped product nationwide for residential and institutional slate projects. We invite architects, contractors, project managers and property owners to contact us with any question you might have about slate or to get a quote.

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